Who are we

In 2002, luxury pet product line Ibiyaya was launched as a family-owned business. From a small family garage in Taiwan,Ibiyaya has grown into an international company with distributors in over 30 countries. Our numerous patents show thatwe are one of the pioneers in the development of pet strollers and carriers, and we are expanding to include other
products that would help furparents give their pets the best life possible.

As a company, our goal is to provide innovative, well-designed products that put the needs of our customers and their furbabies first, in order to help them form lasting bonds.

95% percent of our employees are also pet parents, so they understand what it means to love, care for, and treat our furry family members as if they were their own.

What we do

In the heart of Ibiyaya, we believe in providing our pets with a loving home where they can know that we care about them no matter what stage of life they’re in, whether they’re a tiny puppy or a senior cat in need of special attention. Being a pet owner means savoring every moment you share with your animal companions, which is why our products are created to help you do just that: enjoy every moment, every adventure, and every trip you share with your pet, whether it’s just to the mall or out of town, no matter how hectic life gets.

We achieve this by creating long-lasting, high-quality products that are all-original, patented, innovative,
and built to last. We are well aware that our products are more expensive than those offered by many other
companies, but this is due to the ergonomic design, hands-on consultation with customers and actual pet
owners, and the use of premium materials that are good for the environment (through lasting longer,
thus minimizing waste, and the use of environmentally-friendly materials). In addition, our products undergo rigorous testing and quality assurance, and are certified by SGS and ISO.

Why Ibiyaya?

We want Ibiyaya to be known as the name people think of when they think of a happy pet. Pet owners and their pets must be satisfied with our products—which is why we’ve made it a priority to create useful, innovative products for both! For more than ten years since its inception, Ibiyaya has been dedicated to this goal.

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