Ibiyaya: Keeping Pets Safe and Comfortable in Style since 2002

Ibiyaya is a family-owned luxury pet product brand that was founded in 2002. Ibiyaya started out in a small family garage in Taiwan but has since partnered with many distributors all around the world, in over 30 countries.

Ibiyaya’s tagline “Bonds built to last” is founded on the principle of making the best pet products to help fur parents and their fur babies build bonds that last a lifetime. As Ibiyaya products are made with the utmost care, research, and innovation, our products can last just as long (with proper care).

Our goal in developing our products is to help fur parents offer the most fun, fulfilling, and memorable experience for their pets, no matter what their pets’ age is! We have products for puppies and kittens, active and sedentary adult dogs and cats, as well as senior pets. Through our products, we will help you and your pets explore the world together in building lasting memories that will surely last a lifetime.

It’s our goal to make Ibiyaya a brand that is synonymous with pet happiness. Our products must please not only the pet parents but the pets as well—which is why we’ve made it our mission to create innovative, useful products for both human and furry family members! Ibiyaya has been committed to this mission since its launch in 2002, making it one of the first pet product companies online. Ibiyaya also makes sure that all Ibiyaya employees have a passion for animals and a conscious commitment to animal welfare.

We’re so proud of what Ibiyaya has become today: a leading global brand that offers an extensive collection of innovative and stylish dog carriers, pet strollers, backpacks, dog and cat beds, and accessories that help our pets live their fullest life closer to us, such as pet stairs.

How Ibiyaya builds bonds built to last

Our products are well-researched and with firsthand consultation with pet owners. Our products are made with your pet’s safety, comfort, and style in mind first and foremost.

As pet owners ourselves, we know the importance of having a brand you can trust, and we won’t put our furbaby’s safety in harm’s way by buying poorly made, easy-to-break, unsafe strollers, carriers, and accessories which will not only cost more in the long run, but can put our pet’s safety at risk.

Here in Ibiyaya, all of our pet strollers and carriers are made with SGS safety standards, which evaluate safety for human baby strollers as well. Ibiyaya’s strollers and carriers also undergo rigorous tests such as five-point safety tests to ensure utmost comfort and safety. Ibiyaya’s pet carriers are built with the highest quality fabrics, strong metal frames, and carefully sewn seams to minimize wear and tear. Ibiyaya aims for excellence in making products that pets love and their owners feel good about purchasing.

Our Ibiyaya designs are not just different because we use unique fabric patterns, we take our time designing them so they fit all sizes of pets comfortably. Ibiyaya pet carriers are ergonomic, trendy, and thoughtfully designed.

Here at Ibiyaya, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality products to make sure that your new memories with your pets are unforgettable.

For more info about the tests we run, please visit this link:

How We Began

Ibiyaya began, of course, with love. Our name comes from combining a lullaby we grew up listening to, and the name of our pet, “Ibbi”, a charming Maltese dog who has entered our hearts and never left. Ibiyaya was born from wanting to make the best pet experience for our beloved pet.

When we relocated to Taiwan from Australia, we faced some difficulties in bringing Ibbi, who loved to tag along wherever we went. Malls were usually pet restricted, and metro life was also crowded.

We knew Ibbi could live a better life, so we started finding solutions.

At first, we bought a grocery shopping cart so he could explore the metro life with us, and then gradually we upgraded the “modified” cart into a stroller.

This seemingly small project for Ibbi opened us to a lot of questions, compliments, and conversations from strangers wherever we went, and we knew that other pets can benefit from this, just as Ibbi did! This is why we created a line of carriers and strollers that make it easy for pet owners to travel with their pets. And to think, we just started this in our small family garage!

Ibbi has since passed on in 2009, but his spirit lives with us forever. Whenever we design our products and innovate constantly to make them better, we look back at our love for Ibbi that has brought us this far. As we expand, our work has become much bigger and more important, as we welcome all of our customers in our Ibiyaya family! We always love seeing how our products have made you and your pets’ life better, and how we are truly helping you and your pets build bonds that last a lifetime.

Our Commitment to You

Here at Ibiyaya, we promise:

  1. Safety for you and your pets
    Ibiyaya’s products are made from the best materials and undergo rigorous testing to ensure their safety. Ibiyaya opts for SGS standards, which can be used on baby strollers as well because they meet all of our expectations in terms of performance! We also make sure that every raw material goes through textile laboratory tests before being incorporated into our products.
  2. Innovation, Durability, and Sustainability
    Ibiyaya’s commitment to quality, innovation & value means that our products are built for longevity. Our products are built to last and are also collapsible, which means smaller packaging, leading to a reduced ecological footprint. Here in Ibiyaya, 100% of our packaging will be biodegradable, recyclable, or compostable by the end of 2023.
  3. A friendly and professional relationship with us
    We listen to our customers. Be it product requests or suggestions, complaints, or other concerns, our lines are open for you.

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