2017 New Arrival – Explorer Airline Transparent Pet Carrier

You haven’t seen anything yet until you’ve seen this one of a kind stylish new pet carrier! Move aside dog and cat crates; a new breed of carrier has arrived.

Trip together! Traveling with Your Pets

You’re going on vacation, traveling to some foreign land or exotic tropical paradise few ever get to see more than once in their lifetimes. Don’t you wish your lovable fur- child could join in the fun, experiencing this new adventure right along with you?

No vacation is complete without your furry loved ones. Until recently, traveling with small animals was complicated and risky, requiring careful attention and constant vigilance. With the new Explorer Airline Transport Pet Carrier, that is now changing rapidly! This is your perfect astronaut pet backpack carrier.

●       Comfortably fits under most airplane seats for easy travel!

More Than Just a Carrier

Don’t you wish you could just have a pet shoulder bag, a pet backpack, and a pet front carrier all in one, instead of having to lug around all that baggage separately? With the Explorer Airline Transport Pet Carrier, now you can!

Also a temporary place for your pet to sleep when staying overnight away from home!

Finding a safe and secure place your pet can crash while away can be difficult. On top of that, no one wants to pay for messes left by the little one. ‘Intact’ dogs especially will want to mark their scent, your hotel room being a perfect new candidate.

-> Dogs will always prefer not to eliminate in confined spaces where they sleep, making the Airline Pet Carrier an ideal solution!

With a transparent entry, plenty of space and side pockets for extra room, our new airline approved astronaut pet backpack carrier gives your little one all the space he needs, and then some! Small enough to fit under your airline seats, yet big enough to accommodate either small dog breeds and most cats:

  • Transparent front entry both allows better visibility for both you and your pet!
  • Mesh material provides superb ventilation for your pet!

Powerful Design in a Lightweight Package

In the Explorer Airline Approved Pet Carrier, you’ve got a mighty tool, durable for life! Built strong to last both the test of time and the rigors of pet travel, your new astronaut pet carrier backpack will never break down on you when you need it most.

Only 1300g; 2.9lbs!

At less than three pounds, the Airline Pet Carrier is far lighter than any dog or cat crate!

Will never lose shape, keeping your pet feeling secured!

Built for comfort and stylish convenience yet highly convenient with safety always in mind, the Explorer Airline Transport Pet Carrier is truly one of a kind

  • Adjustable, padded shoulder strap for convenient carrying!
  • Safety tether for added support!
  • Padded interior for enhanced comfort!

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