3-Wheel Vs. 4-Wheel Stroller: Which Should You Get For Your Pets?

We all know that a pet carrier is super useful when you travel with your dog or cat.  On the other hand,  choosing the wrong pet stroller will give your pet discomfort and hassle for your part That is why Ibiyaya is here to give you all the information you need to help you choose the perfect pet stroller for your best friend(s). We know it can be confusing to pick out the right pet stroller, especially when there are so many options — but don’t worry, it’s actually easier than you’d think! 

While shopping for a pet stroller, it is important to compare various styles and models in your price range. The style of the pet stroller you choose will be greatly influenced by your lifestyle and where you intend to use the stroller. 

Advantages of 3 wheel pet stroller

  • 3 wheel dog stroller
    3 wheel dog stroller

    The advantage of having 3 wheels pet stroller is that it is considerably easier to maneuver around sharp corners. Having the front wheel as the main control of direction leaves the two back wheels to bear most of the weight and provide stability.

  • The 3 wheels pet stroller also pair well with a fast-paced, more active lifestyle since they are more maneuverable at high speeds. This 3 wheel pet stroller is suitable for all types of surfaces, from tough gravel to grassy fields.
  • If you plan on taking your pets for some off-road fun or along your local nature trail, a 3-wheel jogger or an all-terrain model might fit the bill best!

Advantages of 4 wheel pet stroller

Choosing between a 3-wheel stroller and a 4-wheel stroller impacts the stability of your stroller, the center of gravity, as well as the ease of steering.

  • 4 wheel dog stroller

    A 4-wheel pet stroller sits closer to the ground, which offers much more support for your pets, as the weight is more evenly distributed.

  • This 4-wheel pet stroller is more suitable for level surfaces and an urban lifestyle. More wheels offer more support and therefore keep both you and your pet stable and happy!

We are excited to hear what you decide on! Shop here to find your ideal pet stroller today! 


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