5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Hiking Backpack

You can finally take your pet on hikes and other outdoor adventures when you have a cat hiking backpack. With this type of backpack, you can place your cat inside and carry them around. It basically functions as a carrier but is also a backpack that you can wear on your back.

But with the number of cat backpacks for hiking sold today, choosing one can be tough. This is especially true if you have never bought a hiking cat backpack in the past. You’ll probably see yourself overwhelmed with too many options that you don’t know what to buy.


We understand your dilemma, and we’re here to help. In this article, we’ll list down some of the most important factors to consider when buying, so you’ll end up with the best cat backpack for hiking. Use this article as your buying guide to make the process easier!

Ergonomic Support

Hikes and most outdoor adventures take a couple of hours. Some hikes might even require days to be accomplished. With these in mind, it’s crucial to invest in a cat hiking backpack that offers ergonomic support.

Yes, your pet’s comfort and safety are important considerations, but this doesn’t mean that you should compromise your own. It’ll be challenging for you to carry the backpack for long periods if it causes you back pain or it feels uncomfortable.

  • The Two-Tier Pet Hiking Backpack meets this requirement as it’s designed to protect your spine.
  • It also comes with anatomically-shaped shoulder straps with an adjustable load lifter.
  • This cat backpack for hiking also has a padded adjustable hip belt that allows you to transfer the weight of the bag from your shoulder to your hips and lessens your risk of severe back pain.
Two-tier Cat Hiking Backpack


Buying cat backpacks for hiking and later finding out that it’s made from unsafe or toxic materials is heartbreaking. Besides putting your cat at risk, being in this situation also puts a dent in your pocket as you have to buy another.

  • Save yourself from this kind of situation by properly inspecting the materials of the cat backpack for hiking you’re eyeing to buy. Ideally, it should be made from non-toxic fabrics or eco-friendly EVA material — those that don’t cause health risks to your cat if they accidentally chew on the pet backpack.
  • Additionally, the backpack should be made from bolstered, abrasion-resistant fabric that can handle pressure and temperature changes. These materials ensure your pet’s comfort inside the backpack regardless of the weather outside.
  • The stitching of the backpack should also be strong enough to hold the weight of your pet and withstand their scratching and biting. Most importantly, the materials shouldn’t wear out even if you consistently use the cat hiking backpack and expose it to different weather conditions.

All of Ibiyaya’s cat hiking backpacks use durable, SGS compliant, and non-toxic materials. Our line of cat backpacks for hiking will stand the test of time (regardless of how often your cat scratches on them) and ensure your pet’s safety.


Non-toxic  & abrasion-resistant fabric
Non-toxic & abrasion-resistant fabric



Outdoor activities, such as hiking, trekking, and camping, means being exposed to the sun. This can cause discomfort to humans, so can you imagine what your cat will feel?

Protect your cat from overheating by choosing a hiking backpack that offers superior ventilation. Proper ventilation keeps your cat cool and comfortable even when they’re inside the backpack for long periods. As a result, your cat will enjoy your outdoor adventures more.

Double Cat Carrier Backpack with ventilation


Safety Features

Your next hiking adventure will become a nightmare if you put your cat inside a backpack and realize that they escaped. Finding them will take you a couple of hours, especially if you hike in unfamiliar territories.

You can prevent this situation from happening by investing in a cat backpack hiking with several safety features, like its safety tethers to prevent your pet from escaping, a removable crate pad to support your pet’s feet, and mesh windows to keep your pet cool and prevent agitation. These features are designed for your cat’s comfort and safety.

When it comes to safety features, the New Denim Fun Lightweight Cat Hiking Backpack takes the cake. It has added auto-lock sliders to make sure that it is an escape-proof cat backpack. Thanks to these features, you can focus on the hike as you know your feline friend remains safe on your back!



Determining the right size of the cat backpack for hiking is important. Buying one that’s too big will cause your cat to slide around; if it’s too small, they’ll be squished. Both scenarios lead to the same result: an injured pet inside.

Regardless of how big or small your pet is, we got you covered. Ibiyaya offers different cat backpacks for hiking, enabling you to choose one ideal for your pet’s size.

For instance, the dimensions of the Adventure Cat Carrier Backpack allow your cat to sit and lay down comfortably. Its size is perfect for felines, so you don’t have to worry about your pet being injured when you take them on hikes.

Cat Travel Carrier Backpack



Make Careful Decisions

This article covers everything about cat hiking backpack, so you won’t have any problems choosing one for your feline friend. We’ve mentioned the features to look for and even gave recommendations on products that offer these features.

Besides the features, don’t forget to consider the brand making the cat backpacks for hiking. Only buy from brands that have established themselves in the industry — like Ibiyaya.


Adventure Cat Backpack
Cat Carrier Backpack
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