Why Auto-Locking Sliders are the Best Safety Features for a Dog Backpack Carrier

Bringing pets into nature can be as stressful as it is rewarding. Your dogs can chase after things, get distracted, or even run away. That is why when purchasing a dog backpack carrier, your pet’s safety should be your number one priority. The Ultralight Pro Backpack carrier from Ibiyaya was designed with auto-locking sliders making it the perfect travel companion for any dog-loving adventurer. 

 Clever safety pin

 Auto-locking sliders contain a small pin built into them. This means that in order to move the zipper up or down, an external force has to be pushing on the puller itself instead of just moving the zipper teeth. Otherwise, the pin locks the zipper in place. The auto-lock sliders can only be pulled from the front of the pet backpack, ensuring a mischievous dog cannot escape.  

 This is compared to non-locking sliders that do not have a pin to lock it in place. This means that any movement to the zipper’s teeth can open the backpack and your dog can easily jump out.

 Accidental unzipping protection

 The auto-locking sliders make the Ultralight Pro Backpack Carrier perfect for traveling. They are also great at preventing porters from accidentally unzipping bags when handling your luggage. The dog carrier backpack only weighs three pounds and is also airline approved carrier bag to bring inside the cabin so your dog will be by your side during the entire flight. 

 Hard Impact Support

 The Pro Backpack Carrier has other safety features as well. Such as a detachable EVA hard shell bottom support that gives your dog an extra cushion in case of any hard impacts. It also has a built-in leash to comfort anxious pets. 
EVA hard shell for dog backpack

 When choosing a dog backpack carrier, it is essential that you pick one with auto-locking sliders. This ensures both your dog’s safety and your piece of mind. 

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