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Why You Need To Take Your Bunny Out on a Stroller


Bunnies are the best. They’re cute, they’re fluffy, and they can jump so high! But how often do you take your bunny outside? If it’s not often enough, then you need to start today. Bunny strollers allow for a safe way of taking your furry friend with you on walks or just to get some fresh air in the backyard. Bunny strollers come in different shapes and sizes but all have similar benefits that make them perfect for bunnies of any age!



In this article, we’ll go through the following topics:

Bunnies love to hop around and explore new places. Bunny strollers allow you to bring your bunny with you on walks or in the backyard, while still keeping it safe! Bunny strollers also provide a way for bunnies to get some fresh air without risking them running away when they see another animal or person that interests them.

The Benefits of Bunny Strollers


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Safe Environment

There are many benefits of using a bunny stroller but one of the most important ones is safety. Buns can be impulsive little creatures which means if they see something interesting like another rabbit, squirrel, dog etc., there’s no telling where their curiosity will take them next! With a bunny stroller, this won’t happen because your bun will always stay contained in a safe environment while still being able to explore spaces outside your home.

Bunnies Need More Care 

Did you know that bunnies also have fragile frames? Unlike cats that can sustain falling off a table or an even higher height or dogs that are also a bit hardy, bunnies actually need a bit more care. Bunny strollers will keep your bun protected when you take him or her out for a walk. Bunny’s can be really fragile and might even get injured if they were to fall from the ground, so it is very important that you use a bunny stroller in order to prevent injuries.

Super Beneficial But Also Fun

Bunnies are curious animals who like to explore new things every day, which is why taking them on daily walks outside is not only super beneficial but also fun! You could just let your rabbit roam around your garden freely but this isn’t safe because of all the poisonous plants, insects and other dangers that might harm your beloved pet. Bunny strollers allow buns to go everywhere with their owner without getting hurt by any dangerous elements in the environment.

If you live in an apartment or condominium, or you don’t have much space, getting them a stroller can also expand their horizon outside your limited space, and that can be a fun and memorable experience for you both!

Multifunction Pet Stroller Best for Visiting the Vet

Strollers are also good for when you need to take your bunny to the vet. Bunny strollers allow them to be taken to the vet without causing any unnecessary stress or injury. Bunny’s also tend not to like veterinary visits, and the more you can do to make it a positive experience for both of you is going to help your bond grow stronger.

Reduce Travel Stress

Your bunny will feel safer in a familiar place so there won’t be as many problems with harming themselves when they are being moved towards an area that causes fear or anxiety. Pet strollers for rabbits have been known by owners who have had bunnies who were very nervous about new surroundings because their owner was able to take them out safely on walks with their favorite person which helped build trust between each other resulting in less stress overall during movement from one location to another.

What kind of stroller should you get for your bunny?

Bunny Strollers are usually made of a combination of metal, plastic, cloth, and mesh. They can be easily folded, which makes them perfect for storage when not in use.

The bunny stroller can be multifunctional which can be converted to bunnies carrier with wheels, rabbit shoulder bag, rabbit car booster, rabbit backpack which is fit to your lifestyle while maintaining comfort and safety through its features.

When looking for a pet rabbit stroller, it matters for it to have a removable pad in case your bunny will poop or pee inside. A full enclosure for the rabbit stroller is also important in case the bunny would try to jump off or escape. Having breathable and cool materials such as mesh would also be ideal, as it not only keeps the bunny inside, but they can also see outside while staying safe inside. Many pet stroller companies have claimed quality and durability (especially those sold via Amazon) but few are SGS compliant and manufactured under ISO 9001 standards. Finally, never purchase a pet stroller without a manufacturer’s warranty.

Why should you take your bunny out on a stroller?

Taking your bunny out in the Rabbit Stroller is good for both of you! It lets them run around and explore new places while they remain safe inside their Rabbit Stroller. If it’s cold outside, Bunny Strollers provide shelter against wind chill or winter chill. You can even bring water bottles with warm water if there are no heaters where you go with your Bunny Stoller. Another great benefit of taking our bunnies outdoors using a stoller for bunny is that they get fresh air which also helps prevent urinary tract infections because rabbits usually have limited space.

Don’t forget that there are many benefits of taking your bunny out on a stroll! This activity provides them with exercise while letting you bond at the same time. You could even bring some treats so that they will follow you wherever you go! As always, before going outside make sure to have their vaccination card with them just in case something unexpected happens so veterinarians can take proper action immediately. This is something you can store in your go-bag or in the stroller!

Ibiyaya Strollers Perfect for Your Bunny

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Here in Ibiyaya, we have strollers that are perfect for your beloved bunny. In particular, a 5-in-1 multifunction rabbit stroller is perfect for getting your bunnies on the go! You can check it out here.

For inquiries, you can contact us at pet@ibiyaya.com! You may also send us your photos out and about with your bunny. We love seeing you make more memorable memories with your beloved pets!


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