Here we are, Ibiyaya Celebrating 2021 National Pet Day with Tesla

What is Tesla Pet Day? Tesla Pet Day is a charitable seminar hosted by Tesla raising awareness for safe pet travel. “It’s 2021 and more of us are striving to make pet travel as friendly as possible.” The 2021 Tesla Pet Day was the second time Tesla hosted this event. This event is the only Pet event hosted by high-tier car brands. The celebration took place in Taiwan on April 25th and was attended by Ibiyaya, Afloat Dog, Huikuang Guide Dog Foundation Taiwan, the Taiwan Dr. Dog Program and Primo Animal Hospital. These five organizations were invited and recognized for their devotion to high-quality pet travel.

This event hosted a variety of different interactive activities. Some of these activities include test driving a Tesla with your pet and test riding pet strollers. In particular, Ibiyaya provided five of our Hercules on site for visitors to “test drive”. These strollers offer a premium smooth and affordable ride. Despite physical challenges to old, vulnerable dogs, these strollers allow an opportunity for your furry-friend to spend time outdoors. In addition, seminars on vet health consultation and pet nutrition were provided. Also, the event offered a premium salon experience as well as informational sessions on how to properly bathe your pet with skin and fur-friendly detergent.

Join us in celebrating Tesla Pet Day as we strive to make pet travel as friendly as possible in 2021. According to PETA, it can take only 15 minutes for an unattended dog to develop heatstroke in a hot car. Even just running into the grocery store could have lethal effects on your four-legged friend. That’s why electric car maker Tesla has just launched ‘Dog Mode’, a function that will allow the air conditioning to remain on while the car is locked and secured, creating a safer environment for pets.

Tesla has implemented software updates to increase pet comfort while traveling. The Tesla “Dog Mode” is a climate control feature that regulates the car’s temperature while the owner is away. To activate Dog Mode, simply select the fan icon at the bottom of the screen and click “Dog”. This will trigger climate regulation as well as display a message on the screen saying “My owner will be back soon. Don’t worry! The heater (or A/C) is on and it’s X degrees.” This temperature will remain in the car as long as the owner is away. Additionally, if the owner is away for long periods of time and the battery falls below 20% then a message will be sent to the owner’s phone to prompt them to get back to their pet.

As we’ve joined Tesla in celebrating this day, we hope to continue to advance pet travel-friendliness. When planning a trip, there are enough stresses and the safety of your pet should not be one of them! Whether you’re going on vacation or moving to a new place, you shouldn’t have to leave your furry friend behind. Ibiyaya strives to make pet traveling friendly, safe, and fun.

The key to comfortable travel is investing in the right travel carrier. A secure carrier allows you to travel for business or pleasure without having the added stress of leaving your pet behind. As there are many options, you must consider what design is best for you and your pet. Your carrier should be lightweight and properly accommodate your furry friend. Explore our latest   travel carriers and travel backpacks! We offer many styles and designs to suit not only the type of transport you are going to use but also your personal tastes.

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