4 Considerations for Choosing the Best Dog Food for Backpacking

Backpacking with your fur baby is fun but requires preparation. Even if you train, backpacking will put stress on your body — so can you imagine how tired your pet will be?

The type of food you feed to your dog is crucial when you take them backpacking. The more energy they spend backpacking, the importance of getting the right nutrition from vet-recommend dog food intensifies.

Choosing the best dog food for backpacking all boils down to four factors: your dog’s breed, size, allergies, and personal preferences. By considering these factors, you’ll end up with dog food that’ll fuel your dog’s energy and keep them healthy throughout the trip!

4 Considerations for Choosing the Best Dog Food for Backpacking

Your Dog’s Breed

What breed is your dog? Do you have a Golden Retriever? Or are you taking care of an Italian Greyhound? Your dog’s breed should be your top consideration when comparing the best dog food brands in the world.

An active breed, like a Golden Retriever, will use more energy than a less active breed, like the Italian Greyhound. Therefore, a Golden Retriever will require more calories and their dog food should fit their active lifestyle.


Your Dog’s Size

Aside from the breed, your dog’s size also affects the kind of food you choose for them. The best dog food for small dogs might not be the same for large dogs and vice versa.

For instance, small breeds might require more calories as they naturally have higher metabolic rates. On the other hand, large dogs often need special diets to avoid certain health risks, such as arthritis, bloat, and hip dysplasia.

Food Allergies

Always consider how your dog reacts to a particular dog food. You don’t want them to vomit or have diarrhea as you hike or trek, right?

If your dog’s energy level is apt for their age and breed, their skin and coat are healthy, their stools are brown, and they seem to be in good health, you’re probably already feeding them the right food. This means you can bring the same food you’re feeding them at home.

However, if your dog often has diarrhea, an itchy coat, and skin issues, they might be allergic to their existing dog food. Talk to your vet weeks before your trip, so you can ask dog food brands to avoid and feed your dog.

Your Own and Your Dog’s Preferences

Choosing the best dog food for backpacking also requires your own and your dog’s preferences. Different dog owners have different reasons why they feed their fur babies dry or wet dog food. For example, pet owners with senior dogs might prefer wet food as it’s easier to chew and eat than dry kibble.

Ultimately, do a taste test with your dog to see how they like their food. You won’t have any problems feeding your dog if you choose a dog food that they actually like eating.


Our Favorite Brands

Pet owners have different answers to the question, “what is the number one healthiest dog food?” as they have varied experiences with what worked well for their fur babies.

But if you’re clueless about what the best options are, this section is for you. We’ve listed three of our favorite options, hoping at least one can meet the factors mentioned above.


Royal Canin

Royal Canin dog food makes it to our list because its recipe is complete and balanced and helps dogs develop strong bones and joints. It also has an exclusive blend of antioxidants and minerals that support your dog’s immune system and keep their bodies strong.


Wellness Complete Health

Wellness Complete Health is one of the best dry dog foods sold on the market today. The bulk of its meat protein is from chicken and chicken meal and contains 13% fat, 27% protein, and 52% estimated carbs. Many pet owners love this brand because it doesn’t cause any stomach issues.



Blue Buffalo

Blue Buffalo dog food deserves a position on this list because it features real meat as its first ingredient and contains whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. Its recipe supports cognitive function and retinal health, improves digestion, and builds immunity.


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So, there you have it — factors to consider when choosing and the best dog foods for backpacking. With this information, you won’t have any problems keeping your dog healthy and active as you take on another outdoor adventure!

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