Dog Bed Types: What Are They and Their Pros and Cons?

One of the biggest challenges pet owners experience is picking the right dog bed. You’ll have unlimited options to choose from, meaning you have to exert time and effort in choosing a dog bed for large dogs or one for your small pup. Having access to several pet stores in your state and hearing recommendations from friends and family make it more difficult to choose.


Dog Bed with Bolsters

The name of this dog bed gives you a clear idea of how it looks — it’s a dog bed with bolsters on all sides. A dog bed with bolsters is designed to resemble a nesting box where mother dogs would give birth in. Because it has plush raised sides, this type of dog bed provides a sense of security, safety, and comfort to pets. 

Extra-large Orthopedic Dog Bed

Pros: A dog with bolsters is ideal for fur babies who love to snuggle in their sleep or pets who are still not used to sleeping alone. This dog bed keeps your pet cozy for hours and protects their neck and head from strain.

Cons: The bolsters of this dog bed can become a problem for puppies or small pets as it’ll be more difficult for them to get in and out of the bed. Their attempts to climb the bolsters can possibly lead to injuries and accidents.


Couch Dog Bed

Looking for a dog bed that’s more versatile? Get your fur baby a couch dog bed. As the name suggests, this pet furniture can be used in two ways: as a couch and as a bed. Couch dog beds have bolsters on three sides only, with one open side.

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Pros: Because it has one open side, a couch dog bed is easier to get in and out of, perfect for puppies or small pets. This type of bed is also filled with soft materials that support your pet’s joints and muscles. Using a couch dog bed is a great way of improving the quality of life of pets who suffer from arthritis and other orthopedic issues.

Cons: The open side of a couch dog bed can also become a problem as it can cause neck strain, especially for pets who move a lot when sleeping. This might even cause your pet to fall out of the bed and suffer from injuries.

Pillow Dog Bed

A pillow dog bed looks too simple, but it has all the features your pets need to get the best sleep every night. This type of dog bed looks like a pillow and is stuffed with ultra-soft materials. Pillow dog beds also come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and designs.


Pros: A lot of pet owners prefer a pillow dog bed because it’s easy to use, store, and transport. This type of bed also uses stain- and water-resistant covers, making maintenance a breeze.

Cons: The biggest drawback of a pillow dog bed is that it can eventually become your pet’s favorite chew toy. This will cause significant damage to the aesthetics of the bed, as well as its form and shape.

Cave Dog Bed

Also known as covered dog beds, cave dog beds are the perfect option for fur babies who love to burrow and cuddle in their sleep. This type of bed features a base made from pet-friendly and super-soft materials and has walls made out of cotton or canvass.

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Pros: A cave dog bed creates a safe space for your pet to escape when the environment around them becomes too stressful or overstimulating. Your pets can also use the bed to place hide and seek and socialize with other pets in your home!

Cons: Because it comes with a cover, cleaning a cave dog bed is often more time-consuming and challenging. You need to be careful in washing the cover to prevent any damage. Depending on the material, you might even have to handwash the cover.

Elevated Dog Bed

Do you live in a humid state? Worried that your pet can’t get some shuteye due to the weather? If you answered “yes” to these questions, buy an elevated dog bed. Its sleeping area is raised from the ground and ensures better airflow.

Vintage Elevated Dog Bed
Vintage Elevated Dog Bed

Pros: An elevated dog bed keeps your pet cool, so they can sleep easier and longer. It also reduces their risk of dermatitis and other infections as their sleeping area is elevated at least 12” above the ground.

Cons: Although beneficial, an elevated dog bed isn’t for all types of pets. Large or heavy pets can’t enjoy this type of bed as it’ll stretch too much to the point when the fabric touches the ground. This can cause pain and discomfort to your fur baby and prevent them from sleeping.

Make Smart Decisions

The key to buying the right dog is making sure that it’s from a reputable brand, like Ibiyaya. The dog bed you’ll buy should be made from chew-proof materials, like our Deep Sleep Orthopedic Dog Bed with bolster. It should also be odor-resistant, comes with a washable cover, and uses materials that meet the quality standards set by international agencies.
A dog bed that meets all of the qualifications mentioned above is a great investment as it’s sure to keep your fur baby comfortable and safe as they sleep!
Elevated dog bed next to human bed
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