Sleeping dog

What Your Dog’s Sleeping Position Reveals About Them


Dogs are very expressive creatures. They show us how they feel through their body language and actions. One way that dogs communicate is by sleeping in different positions, which can reveal a lot about them! Dog sleeping positions can tell you what type of dog they are (e.g. cuddle bug or crazy legs), how they relate to their human (e.g. clingy or independent), and why the dog does certain things (e.g. digging before sleeping). If you’re one of those fur parents who have always been curious about why your dog sleeps a certain way, keep reading!


Sleeping dog


The 8 sleeping positions

There are 8 major sleeping positions for dogs, and each sleeping position reveals a lot about the dog. The following are the 8 dog positions we will talk about in this article:

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Curled up (also known as a donut or fuzzy bagel)

This is one of the most common sleeping positions for dogs. When they’re in this position, they usually have their head resting on their tail. Dogs usually sleep in this position in the winter or fall to preserve their body warmth and protect their organs. This position is also most commonly seen among animals in the wild. Although this is deemed to be a position pets take when they want to feel secure, many happy dogs also take this position.

On their back (also known as crazy legs)

On their back (also known as crazy legs)

When a dog sleeps on their back with their legs sticking up in the air, it means that they are feeling comfortable and safe. This is a vulnerable position that dogs take when they’re in the presence of their owner. It means that your dog feels safe and secure in your household. This position is often seen in playful dogs who want to show you how happy they are.




Superman Pose


The Superman pose is when a dog lays flat on its stomach with both arms and legs outstretched. Dogs do this when they feel really playful and want to engage in some rough-housing. This pose can also mean that your dog is feeling really confident and secure.

Back to back (also known as cuddle bug)

When two dogs sleep back-to-back, it usually means that they feel safe together. Dogs usually learn to sleep back to back as puppies, when they can’t regulate their own heat. When dogs sleep back-to-back with you, it means that they trust and love you very much.

Side position

The side position is when a dog sleeps on its side with one or both legs tucked up. This pose usually means that the dog feels comfortable and safe around you. It can also show that the dog trusts you completely, as this position puts them in a vulnerable position.

Lion Pose

Dogs will sometimes sleep in what looks like a Lion pose, with their head resting on their paws. This usually indicates that the dog is feeling tired and vulnerable. The lion pose might also mean that your pup wants to be close to you but isn’t quite ready for a full-on snuggle yet. It may also mean that they are keeping themselves on guard for the possibility of play.


Laying on your clothes

Laying on your clothes dog sleeping position

When your dog is lying down on your clothes, it means they love you and want to be close to your scent. Dogs will often do this when they’re feeling stressed or anxious, as a way to feel more secure. This is also why dogs might circle and dig around your bed before lying down – they’re trying to create their own little space that belongs just to them.

Circling and Digging

Some dogs will circle around before lying down, while others will dig at the bed or blanket before they lay down. This is called nesting, and it’s usually done to create a comfortable bed for themselves where they can get cozy. A dog that does this will want to be left alone until its nest is just right, so don’t disturb them!

Keep your dog close when you sleep

Here in Ibiyaya, we believe that the dogs who can stay close to their owners are the happiest pups. Dogs that sleep next to their humans show a stronger bond and are more likely to be protective of them. Help your pup sleep with you through our pet stairs.

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