Double Cat Stroller Essentials: 5 Features to Look For Before You Buy

If you’re the proud owner of two fluffy felines, you already know the drill: double the cats, double the fun, and definitely double the mischief! Taking your twin tabbies out for a stroll should be just as enjoyable and hassle-free. That’s where a cat stroller for 2 cats comes in handy. Not just any stroller will do—you need one that caters to the comfort and safety of your dynamic duo.

Here are the top five features to look for when choosing the best cat stroller for 2 cats to adventure with your kitties.

Sturdy and Smooth Wheels

Navigating the great outdoors (or even the not-so-smooth sidewalks of your neighborhood) can be a bumpy ride. To keep it pleasant for both you and your fur babies, opt for a 2 cat stroller with sturdy wheels that can handle various terrains. Look for maintenance-free rubber tires that offer shock absorption and easier maneuverability. This way, you can glide over sidewalks, grass, and even gravel without waking up your sleeping beauties!

The Beast Cat Jogging Stroller for 2 to 3 Cats
The Beast Cat Jogging Stroller for 2 to 3 Cats


Spacious and Comfortable Compartments

Cats are all about comfort, and when you have two, space becomes even more critical. A good double cat stroller should offer ample room for both cats to sit, stand, turn around, and lounge as they please. Check for models that feature padded interiors and adjustable dividers. The dividers can help keep peace between the passengers if they decide being close is not on today’s agenda of friendship.


Double Decker Cat Stroller and Easy Strolling Pet Stroller for Two Cats
Double Decker Cat Stroller and Easy Strolling Pet Stroller for Two Cats


Durable and Safe Construction

Your cats’ safety is paramount, so ensure the stroller’s construction is robust. Look for a frame made from high-quality materials like aluminum, which provides durability without adding too much weight. The enclosure should be made from a tough, breathable mesh that offers excellent ventilation while keeping your cats securely inside. Additionally, safety features such as locks on the doors and a tether inside the compartment can prevent any unexpected cat-escapes.



Easy to Fold and Store

As a pet parent on the go, you’ll appreciate a two cat stroller that’s as portable as it is practical. A stroller that easily folds can be a game changer. This feature is particularly handy for storage at home or in the car. Look for a stroller with a one-hand fold mechanism that makes packing up quick and effortless, because sometimes the cats aren’t the only thing you’ll be wrangling!



Weather-Proof Features

Whether it’s a sunny romp or a drizzly day adventure, being prepared for any weather is crucial. A cat stroller for two cats with a weatherproof cover can protect your kitties from rain, wind, and even too much sun. Additional features like an extendable canopy can provide shade on those bright days, ensuring your cats enjoy their outing no matter the forecast.


Cleo Double Cat Stroller with Detachable Carrier
Cleo Double Cat Stroller with Detachable Carrier


Bonus Tip: Accessorize!

Some models are known to be double cat strollers with detachable carriers, and they come with added perks like cup holders, undercarriage baskets, and even attached toys. These extras can enhance your strolling experience, allowing you to store personal items or shopping bags, keep a beverage at hand, and entertain your cats all at once.


Cat stroller for 2 cats
Cat wagon for 2 cats


Choosing the right double decker cat stroller is about blending functionality with comfort. With these top features in mind, you’re ready to pick a stroller that will make your outdoor excursions enjoyable and stress-free. So, strap in your furry friends, and get ready to turn heads in the park—you and your stylish stroller, paired with your adorable cats, will surely be the talk of the town!

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