Effortless Pet Travel with Ibiyaya’s Airline Approved Stroller-Carrier

Traveling with cats can often be challenging, but with Ibiyaya’s JetPaw 3-in-1 Pet Stroller featuring a detachable airline approved cat carrier, it becomes straightforward. Influencers @louieandtodd recently showcased their journey from Chicago to Mexico City, highlighting the ease and comfort provided by the JetPaw cat carrier for airplane cabin.


Check-In Process

When traveling internationally with cats, it’s crucial to have the necessary documents, such as proof of rabies vaccination and a health certificate. At the Chicago airport, Louie and Mr. Snorlax comfortably waited in the cat carrier for air travel as their owners handled check-in. The Jetpaw cat carrier for airplane cabin was perfect for keeping the cats secure and comfortable. Once the paperwork was complete, the health certification documents needed to be shown to customs upon arrival at the destination.

Security Clearance

At security, pets need to be taken out of their carriers for screening. The JetPaw’s detachable pet carrier design made this process smooth and efficient, ensuring the cats stayed calm while being carried through the security checkpoint. The ergonomic straps of the cat stroller made it comfortable for the owners to carry Louie and Mr. Snorlax through the bustling airport environment.

Boarding and In-Flight

While waiting at the gate, Louie enjoyed exploring the surroundings, while Mr. Snorlax relaxed. The JetPaw airline approved cat carrier’s versatility was evident when boarding, as it easily fit under the seat or, when allowed by generous flight attendants, was placed on the seat next to the owners. The airplane cat carrier ensured both cats were secure during the flight. International airlines also require tagging the pet carrier or, in the case of Volaris airlines, zip-tying the pets for safety.


During the flight, Louie and Mr. Snorlax benefited from the JetPaw’s expandable design, which provided extra room for them to stretch and relax, making the journey comfortable. The stroller’s abrasion- and water-resistant surfaces and durable nylon fabric ensured that the carrier stayed clean and dry.

Arrival (Ciudad de México)

Upon arrival, customs checked the pets’ health documents, and the travel-friendly JetPaw airplane cat carrier made navigating the airport easy. The stroller’s innovative design, expandable features, and durable construction make it a great choice for pet owners traveling with their cats. The JetPaw also features a state-of-the-art suspension wheel system, which provides a smooth and stable ride across various terrains, making it perfect for airport terminals and beyond.


Traveling with pets, especially cats, can be stressful, but the JetPaw airline cat carrier’s thoughtful design simplifies the experience. The JetPaw’s versatility, comfort, and durability, as demonstrated by @louieandtodd, make it the ideal solution for pet owners looking to travel effortlessly with their furry friends.





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