How to Stop My Dog from Chewing the Mesh Window of a Pet Carrier or Anything that Gets on Their Way

If you have ever seen a dog chewing on the mesh window of a carrier orpet accessories pet crate, then you know how frustrating and upsetting it can be. You may wonder why your dog does this in the first place – after all, he has plenty of other chew toys to explore! The answer is likely that your pup is bored and looking for something fun to do. Moreover, it could also be that your pup is stressed or it has been the pups’ learned behavior that becomes a habit.

Luckily, there are some easy ways to stop dogs from chewing on mesh windows of carriers and on anything that gets in their way.

Control the situation
For some dogs, chewing is a natural instinct that they can’t resist. Stop this behavior before it becomes an even bigger problem! Giving them too much freedom is not good because in return it will give you stress. To train your pup, you need to put everything from your pups’ point of view. This is the basic way on how to stop a dog from chewing everything.

Focus on mental simulation
Dogs chew the mesh window of a pet carrier, usually because they are bored and need stimulation. There is one easy way to make this not happen: put your dog’s favorite toy in with them! You can also engage them with activities or train them to play so they will be in control. The less destructive activities we expect.

Use scented sprays on the area that they usually bite and chew
Pet dogs are becoming a huge problem for the mesh window of carriers that they tear up and chew on. Many people find this to be annoying as it is expensive, but some have found relief in using bitter-scented sprays like Grannick’s Bitter Apple spray or Citronella Oil Spray which can help deter them from chewing anything at all! The spray tastes unpleasant and can be sprayed onto any surface you want them not to chew on as well.

Use Redirection
When you do find your dog chewing on an inappropriate object, interrupt him and then redirect his attention to an object that is appropriate for him to chew on. Then, praise your dog for chewing on the appropriate object as part of the training.

Confine your dogs to stop from tearing things up when left alone in the house
Dogs are notorious chewers. They go through phases of chewing everything from furniture legs to shoes if not given any attention or brought outdoors for walks. The best way to keep your pet from chewing anything in their reach is by confining them. The most commonplace for people to put a dog when they’ve left home alone, such as during the day at work or while on vacation with family members, is inside of its crate. This will allow them room enough and stimulation so that it doesn’t get boring and start breaking things around the house.

Exercise daily
If you want to stop your dog from chewing on everything he sees, consider exercising him. Engaging your dogs in an age- and breed-appropriate exercise every day helps prevent them from getting bored. Boredom and high energy levels are some of the most common reasons for destructive puppy chewing behavior.

When you are packing up your dog for a trip, you want to make sure that they have everything they need. However, once the pet carrier stroller is in place and it’s time for them to get inside, there may be one thing missing… their favorite chew toy! In order to prevent any unwanted chewing from happening on the go. In other scenarios where they are not inside their pet travel carrier, those simple tricks above would also apply. Those tips aren’t only to stop them from chewing a mesh window of a pet carrier but also include other pet accessories.

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