How to Teach Your Dog to Ride in a Stroller

Imagine peering into someone else’s stroller and seeing not the expected baby but a 10-pound fur baby looking back at you. While a dog riding a stroller might be uncommon or startling for some, strollers and other forms of wheeled transportation are becoming a norm among canines.

Dog strollers aren’t just cute or a way of spoiling your pet — they’re actually very functional. For instance, Ibiyaya’s Beast Pet Jogging Stroller enables you to bond with your dog outside even if they’re injured, already old, or have physical limitations. Dogs who can’t safely withstand the heat, like Pugs and Bulldogs, can also benefit from the shade pet strollers provide. 

But because dogs often fear anything new and big around them, it’s important to follow the right steps in teaching them how to love and ride their stroller. This way, your dog will love spending time outdoors while they’re inside their dog stroller!


Introduce the dog stroller at home

Bring the pet stroller to a place where your dog spends a lot of time. Secure the wheels of the oet stroller, so they won’t move and startle your dog. 

Medium-sized luxury dog stroller


Depending on the size of your dog, pick them up or lure them to the pet stroller with treats. Once your dog is in the stroller, scatter treats inside to encourage them to investigate and associate stroller rides with a positive experience.  

Putting food puzzles stuffed with peanut butter or canned dog food, or long-lasting chew toys inside the stroller is also an excellent way to encourage your dog to settle in for longer periods inside the stroller.  

Ensure your dog is secure

When putting your dog inside the stroller, make sure that they’re secured to prevent them from jumping out or running away. All  pet strollers have tethers where you can clip your dog’s leash, while others require the owner to hold the leash. In either case, the leash should be secured to a back-clip harness. This prevents your dog from choking if they accidentally get caught on something. 


Large multiple dog stroller with safety tether, cabin lock and wheels break system

Start slow (treats, toys, and praise)

Some dogs might feel nervous once the stroller starts to move. With this in mind, push or pull the stroller a few inches to start and reward your dog with treats, toys, and praise if they remain calm and relaxed. 

If they continue to show the same, move the designer pet stroller a few more inches and reinforce their behavior with more treats, toys, and praises. Gradually adjust the distance between treats. 

The goal is to encourage your dog to love pet stroller rides because they’ll get something good when they remain calm and relaxed. Once your dog is accustomed to riding the stroller, phase out treats and give them food before they start their trip. 

Take your dog on the road

After your dog has mastered riding their stroller indoors, it’s time to take them outside and visit locations with more distractions. Remember, start small: take a stroll around your neighborhood or spend time in your front yard. 

Before taking your dog on bigger adventures, ensure that their luxury dog stroller is comfortable by adding some pet pillows or your worn clothing to make them feel at ease. These hacks will also prevent stress in dogs as they’re riding their new foidable dog stroller

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Train Your Dog Properly

By gradually introducing the foldable dog stroller and using positive rewards, it won’t be long before your fur baby will enjoy riding in their stroller. They might even start getting your attention just so they can ride their pet stroller!  

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