How to Train your Pets to use a Pet Stroller, Carrier or Trailer?

While some pet owners may have a pleasant experience getting their pet into a stroller, carrier, or trailer, others have had to work a little harder to make their pet comfortable with the unfamiliar mode of transportation. We acknowledge your brave efforts and also want to give you some helpful advice to prepare your pet for a peaceful ride!
  • Let your Pet Explore the New Transportation
    • It’s best not to dive into the deep end and put your pet directly into the stroller, carrier, or trailer, this can be a stressful experience for both you and them. Instead, place the object in a common living space and let your pet get comfortable with its presence. You can even entice your pet by placing one of their favorite toys (or even a yummy treat!) near or inside the transportation: this will help your pet associate the stroller with positive feelings.
  • Take Your Pet on Short Rides
    • Once your pet gets comfortable enough with the stroller, carrier, or trailer, plan a short and peaceful first outing to let them know that this new mode of transportation is a safe space. Going to a place with little-to-no distractions and loud noises can help calm your pet so that they do not feel trapped. After a couple of rides, rest assured your pet will no longer be hesitant to jump into the stroller, carrier, or trailer!
  • Ensure Your Pet is Secure
    • Before every ride, check to make sure all the correct safety measures are in place. If your pet is not securely placed into the stroller, carrier, or trailer, not only could your pet have an unpleasant ride, but it could even pose a danger to their overall well-being. Take these simple extra steps to help keep your pet safe and comfortable!
  • Be Patient
    • Your pet(s) can sense your anger and frustration, and will then associate those negative feelings with their new way of transportation. It is important to be patient with your pet as they get used to this new object. When you talk to your pet about getting into the stroller, carrier, or trailer, use a soft and happy voice to let them know that it is a fun space. It also doesn’t hurt to have some of their favorite treats nearby.

It is important to properly train your pet to use a pet stroller, carrier, or trailer to ensure their overall safety and comfort. We hope that this helps you and your pet have many happy traveling memories together. Shop here and learn more about our products!

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