Taking traveling with your pet to the next level



Feeling bummed and gray from working perhaps a little too hard? Let’s face it: we’re all a little tired of life in the city, some more than others. It’s the same old concrete streets, towering buildings, and people too busy rushing to get to where they need to be. We’re all secretly looking forward to weekends and holidays to take our much-deserved moment to relax, breathe, and get away from the stress of the city even for just a little while.

But you know what’s better than a weekend trip far from the city? A weekend trip far from the city with your fur baby in tow, of course!

Wouldn’t you just LOVE to treat your pet to the breathtaking picture-perfect scenes you come across with on fun outdoor trips?
Spice up your Instagram feed with a snap of you AND your pet on a mountain summit or on a sparkling riverside? That’s what we thought.

How about going next-level with being a cool and adventurous pet parent? We took a step to elevate the standard of hiking carriers for pets and literally added another layer to the already popular Ultralight Backpack Carrier. See what we did there? Now you can carry fur babies big or small—plus some extra stuff for yourself—with the Ibiyaya Two-tier Pet Backpack!

Featuring two separate compartments each with an access door, the Two-tier Pet Backpack magically compartmentalizes to be however you need it to be! It can hold one to two small-sized pets,
store your clothing and essentials, or fit one large pet simply by removing the divider. It’s especially perfect for hiking or camping trips. No more leaving your pet behind for your weekend getaways!

Don’t be mistaken, though. This backpack works just as well for daily use (we can’t always be away on vacation, sad face)
so do feel free to sport it even for just a quick stroll in the park. It can in fact also be turned into a car booster seat simply by inserting your car’s seatbelt through the bag’s loops to keep your pet safe and secure when you’re driving to the vet.


No need to worry about handling the weight of the load either because we paid special attention and designed the backpack with a sternum strap that comes with an external hanging loop, an adjustable
padded hip belt, anatomically-shaped shoulder straps with load lifters, and an ergonomic inner padding, all dedicated to keep you feeling optimally supported and comfortable. Fur pets and fur parents deserve equally special treatment, you know?

All this is made possible with premium durable, lightweight, and washable cross-weave fabric to keep you worry-free on your journey.

What more are you waiting for? The great outdoors is just a paw’s length away for you and your fur companion with the Two-tier Pet Backpack.


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