IBIYAYA Pet Tent Bed: The Perfect Haven

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Two pets are the same. Some eat up all the attention they can get, while others get overwhelmed when there’s too much going on. If yours is more like the latter – a pet that likes his peace and quiet – consider a bed that gives him some much-needed privacy in addition to a soft, comfy place to sleep.

Pet tent bed. www.ibiyaya.com Pet tent bed. www.ibiyaya.com Pet tent bed. www.ibiyaya.com

Thispet tent bed by IBIYAYA is the one I use for my introverted pup. Here’s why:

Zip to assemble/ Easy for in flat/ Ventilation holes / Slip-proof on the bottom
Zip to assemble/ Easy for in flat/ Ventilation holes / Slip-proof on the bottom


  • The tent gives him a place to retreat for a nap or just because life has gotten a little too crazy. He can look out and see what’s going on without feeling like he’s too exposed. And he heads straight for it during a storm! It’s definitely the place where he feels the most secure.
  • It’s just the right size (51cm x 51cm x 38cm) to give a small or medium pet plenty of room to stretch out without being so spacious it takes away from the sense of security.
  • The construction is sturdy but light – just enough to give the tent frame some support without making the bed too heavy to transport easily. It even has a Velcro strap on top that you can use as a handle to move it from room to room.
  • With both top and side vents for great ventilation, you don’t have to worry about your fur baby getting overheated.
  • It comes with a soft pad to provide your pet with a comfortable bed. The pad is washable, too; whether your pet has an accident or just muddy paws, cleanup is a breeze.
  • It’s also collapsible for easy storage – just undo the zipper, and fold the sides down.
  • The bottom is slip-proof, so even the most rambunctious puppy can get in without finding himself sliding across the floor!

Cozy, light, Space efficient
Cozy, light, Space efficient

Every pet parent knows that it’s hard finding a bed that your babies like. Sometimes, I come home from the store with a new, fluffy pad, and my puppy won’t even go near it. I try to put him on top of it, but he just gets up and walks away, and I’m left with a bed that neither of us can use, and no one’s happy. It’s impossible to tell what they’ll like–it seems completely random! And, a lot of the time, pet stores don’t accept returns.

The velcro stripe also functions as a handle bar.

That’s why I was so happy when I bought the tent bed…as soon as he saw it, my puppy loved it, and has ever since. No fuss, no guessing–just love and comfort! When do I use it? Anywhere and everywhere! Whether it’s the park, my kids’ school, the grocery store, the pool, nature hikes, or friends’ houses, I take it with us when we travel so that my skittish puppy can feel safe and comfortable even in a new environment. I also rely on it when we have guests in our home, and I bring it along to cookouts, picnics, and anywhere else I think my puppy may feel the need for a bit of privacy. In fact, your pet may like it so much you end up using it all the time!

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