It’s Summer Time! The Sun Kiss Time

Yes, it’s summer time! 
The summer travel season is approaching quickly. When you’re planning your vacation, are you including your pet? Traveling together is a great way to strengthen your bond, and, after all, your pet likes nothing better than being with you. Nervous? There’s no need to be. Traveling with your pet just takes a little planning, and these IBIYAYA products can help things go smoothly.


Our New Collapsible Traveling Shoulder Carrier

Collapsible cat-dog carrier
Collapsible pet carrier



This carrier is perfect for travel: It’s comfortable and safe for your pet, and it’s collapsible for super-easy storage. It’s lightweight, crack-resistant, and waterproof, thanks to high-quality EVA foam. Inside, there’s a detachable diaper that makes the carrier easy to clean, and there’s both a handle and a shoulder strap for ease of use.


Transparent Hard Case Carrier


Our Transparent Hard Case Carrier shields your pet from bumps while showing him off via the see-through side panels. That feature also lets your pet see out, which, along with the ample ventilation, makes for happy traveling. The hard case carrier comes with a padded shoulder strap and, like the shoulder carrier, includes a detachable diaper for easy of cleaning. When not in use, it folds flat, making it convenient to store anywhere.


Retro Luxury Dog Stroller

Retro Luxe Pet Stroller is able to load multiple medium small dogs


Our Luxury Retro Dog stroller comes with the most sought-after features of the very best baby strollers – along with a few features designed just for your pet, like safety leashes. The cabin is big enough for two or three small pets or one medium pet. It opens on both sides for easy access, which is especially handy for removing any pets who may be napping when you reach your destination. The unique design lets you keep mosquitoes out of the cabin without sacrificing ventilation, and the internal pads are removable and machine-washable. In addition, there’s a cup holder for you and plenty of storage under the cabin. The Elegant Retro Stroller is lightweight and is easy to fold and unfold.


The Beast Pet Jogger with Air-Filled Tires



IBIYAYA The Beast Pet jogging stroller

This dog jogging stroller is ideal for your more adventurous journeys. The air-filled tires rotate 360 degrees, making it easy to steer on any surface. For safety, it’s equipped with rear brakes as well as safety leashes in the cabin. And there’s plenty of room for your pet to move around and get comfortable. For you, there’s a snack tray with two cup-holders, storage space under the cabin, and removable cushions for easy cleaning. It also folds flat at the touch of a button, which makes storage easy, too.


No matter where you go this summer, your pet would love to go with you, and these IBIYAYA products make it easy and convenient. Where will you and your pet be traveling this summer?

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