Let’s Talk About How to Transport Your Dog in the New York City Subway

Riding the subway can often be chaotic when you are alone, but when you add your fur baby into the mix, that can often be a whole other hassel! But we wouldn’t write off subway travel with your dog(s) just yet. Our Lavada Pet Transport Luggage was specially designed to address the needs of pet-loving commuters to ensure an easy, breezy journey!

Small domestic dog(s) are permitted on the NYC subway, however, they must be kept inside their carrier at all times. This means that having pet luggage that guarantees maximum stability and comfort for your pet(s) is/are of the utmost importance when traveling from Point A to Point B. The sturdy and spacious cabin of the Lavada Pet Transport Luggage has passed numerous international safety standard tests for impact, drop, and weight resistance to fully protect pets in transit. Given the hectic environment of the NYC subway, we knew that creating pet luggage that allows for a peaceful and enjoyable experience would be our top priority. This is why we developed this luggage with a convenient top-loading design, scratch and abrasion resistant mesh ventilation windows, and a front semi-transparent window, which completely ensures your pet(s) will have a stable ride!

We also find it crucial to keep the pet owner in mind when designing certain features of our pet luggage. Made with four aviation suitcase-grade and silent 360-swivel wheels with brakes, maneuvering your pet(s) on the subway will be like a walk in the park. The NYC subway is a fast and economical way to get around the busy city, and traveling with your pet on the subway can be head-ache free if you have the right pet luggage. Making sure both you and your fur baby are comfortable while riding the NYC subway is why we created the Lavada Pet Transport Luggage.

You can check out all the other amazing features of this pet luggage here.


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