Perfect holiday idea for your pet pals.

Perfect holiday idea for your pet pals.


The holiday season is just around the corner and everyone’s loading up on the gifts and presents that will be given to loved ones. Friends and families will be on the receiving end of thoughtful pressies and loads of love. But HOLD ON?! Did you just forget one of the most important part of your family? Did you just not get anything for the one entity that has been with you through thick and thin?! DID you forget a present for you beloved pet?! Make it up to your pet this season and get him/her the CLEO Travel System Small Luxury  Pet Stroller. Perfect for your beloved munchkin, this stroller is the Trendy, Detachable Ride for Your Pet.

Ibiyaya Cleo travel System Pet Stroller

It doesn’t matter if it’s just a stroll in the park or ride back home, with the CLEO Travel System Pet Stroller your pet would feel like a true BOSS! Get it exclusively for your pet or fit your other babies as well, this trendy ride is spacious and can fit multiple small munchkins and one medium sized one as well. It isn’t just an average stroller that is devoid of any style or function, but has been made with great care to make sure that your pet rolls around in style. Perfect for the winter season, the stroller has been made with denim (Classy eh?), is super-duper comfortable so your pet feels like he/she is sitting on cloud 9 (trust us, we would love to fit in it as well!) and is ergonomically made. But that’s not all, it can act as a stroller and as a car seat as well! (Talk about multi-tasking). Trust us, your beloved munchkin would be running around in happiness upon seeing what his/her owner got him/her!

Exceptionally smooth and swift, this stroller is known to make everybody turn and twist and just gasp at the adorableness of your pet (and the stroller as well). Just imagine this, you’re walking in your best dress with this stroller and enjoying the weather. You see gasps and loads of ‘AWWWS’ coming in from the side, you twist and see people gushing over your cute pet and have their cameras out, snapping pictures. Feel like a celebrity?

My new Rollerblade!

There are a number of options for you to choose from (or just drool). The stroller has been made to ensure that your loved pet is both comfortable and is happy. It’s the perfect holiday gift for your beloved pet. Made with high quality material that can survive any wear and tear. You can easily clean it and even take it on a stroll when it’s pouring (it’s water repellent). It is both economic (not far from your budget) and is reliable.

What are you waiting for? Go out and get the best present for your beloved!

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