Pet Backpack Guide: Hiking or Backpacking with Your Pets

If you’re an adventurer and a pet owner, then you and your furry friend are bound to be great trail buddies. Dogs can be great company when exploring the outdoors. To ensure a fun bonding experience for you and your pooch, make sure to plan ahead. If you don’t, bringing your dog on the trails could be a dangerous mistake. Be sure to educate yourself on the fundamentals of hiking with pets.

Here are a few tips!

  • Pre-hike preparedness: Before exploring the trails, consult with your vet to ensure your furry friend is capable of the various physical demands it may encounter. Ask yourself, is your pet physically ready? You must ensure your dog/cat will be able to feel comfortable with its new surroundings. Ease into the rigors of the hiking routine. Start with long walks and monitor your pets energy. If your pooch is active, then you can increase the time interval of your next hike!
  • Educate Yourself on Trail Regulations: In addition to ensuring the physical preparedness of your pet, you must beware of trail hazards. Once you’ve determined that your dog is indeed capable of hiking, the first thing to consider is location. Different areas have specific regulations on hiking or backpacking. Most national parks for example, do not permit dogs on their trails. Where dogs are permitted, leashes are typically required.
  • Trail Safety: Be sure to select a trail that is safe for you and your pooch. Consider water safety, heat, dangerous terrain, and harmful plants or creatures. Make sure that you maintain control of your dog at all times. When encountering other people or dogs, step off the trail to help your furry best friend remain calm.
  • The appropriate gear: Prior to going outdoors with your pet, make sure you find a comfortable backpack. When choosing the proper backpack, consider the weight and size of your pet. You want to guarantee that your pet has proper ventilation, enough room, and feels safe within the backpack. We offer a range of different backpacks available for various activities and any size pet. Investing in the right backpack will make the hike much more enjoyable for both you and your furry friend.
  • Food and water: Appropriate hydration and food consumption is crucial to backpacking or hiking. Both you and your pooch need appropriate fuel. Like you, your dog will be burning more calories than usual. This means, both of you will require extra fuel to help maintain your energy levels. In addition, routinely have water available. Some owners train their dog to drink as they pour from a water bottle, but other options exist. A lightweight, collapsible water dish is an easy solution. An initial sign of dehydration is a dry nose. Keep an eye out for this and immediately take a break to hydrate. Remember, if you’re thirsty, hungry or tired, then your dog most likely is too! Take a trail break to munch, quench your thirst, and catch your breath together.

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