Who doesn’t absolutely love to travel? Whether it be the exotic sights and sounds from far away corners of the world you’ve never ventured to imagine before, countries halfway across the globe or mysterious island paradises with long and confusing names you’ve heard only whispers of, travel is often a once in a lifetime opportunity you would be crazy to miss! Sadly, we only get one life- why restrict ourselves to one area when the world is so big?

Unfortunately, our pets often limit traveling capabilities, requiring the attention and resources best available at home.

Pet Hardshell Travel Carrier from Ibiyaya

To combat this problem and make pet transportation easier than ever before, we’ve developed an all new, elegant yet safe and strong travel carrier for your little fur-children!

  • Collapsible and easy-fold design + shoulder straps for convenient transportation

Safe Travel for the Squirmy One

Our pets like to squirm and wiggle, especially puppies lacking a fear of heights (which anyone who has raised a puppy can attest to). Unless you want to carry around a bulky crate, travel (especially through crowded areas) is all but impossible. Or it was- until now!

Made strong and sturdy from only the highest quality materials, our pet travel carrier provides a safe travel environment for your pet, away from outside dangers like heavy foot traffic, all the while providing you secure confidence that your travel carrier will never break and your pet is in no danger of falling.

  • Mesh material and aeration holes provide fantastic ventilation
  • Safety tether included- you don’t need to worry about your little pooch jumping out!

Transparent Side Shell for Enhanced View

Not only does the Pet Hardshell Travel Carrier offer an easy form of transportation with superb protection, it comes complete with a transparent design! You’ll be able to easily check on your little fellow any time you want, and he will be able to view the world from the security of his carrying case!

Last but not least, let’s not forget the impressive, stylish design!


Breathable Mesh Material and Ventilation Openings

When transporting our pets, breathable ventilation is always a concern. Not with the Pet Hardshell Travel Carrier! Your little pooch will always be afforded the same breathable atmosphere as if he was outside.

Great for Cats, Too!

Because your Pet Hardshell Travel Carrier is best suited for small, lightweight animals, it is absolutely ideal for domestic cats! Were you simply unable to travel with your feline friend before? No worries; you can now!

You Name it- We’ve Got You Covered.

In fact, all small sized pets, from Gerbils to Ginney Pics to Hamsters and beyond, can find a temporary home in your new Pet Hardshell Travel Carrier!

  • Recommended Weight limit: 5kg; 11.0lbs


Transparent vs. Non- Transparent Bag

Not a fan of the transparent case? No worries there; the Pet Hardshell Travel Carrier also comes available in a non- transparent, opaque model. Simply specify the option desired!


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