4 Reasons to Buy an Airline-Approved Cat Carrier

Do you like to travel? Looking for ways to take your feline friend with you? If you answered “yes” to these questions, consider investing in an airline-approved cat backpack.

Unlike traditional backpacks and pet carriers, an airline-approved cat carrier backpack is allowed inside the aircraft. This means that having one enables you to travel with your cat without worrying about their safety and comfort, or your convenience.


Here are four reasons why you should buy an airline-approved cat backpack ASAP:

Saves You Money

Your luggage should match the airline’s policy before you’re allowed to board. Bring one that’s too big, and you’ll have to pay additional fees at the airport. The same works when it comes to pet carriers. Putting your cat inside a carrier that’s too big will require you to pay for an additional seat.

You can prevent this situation from happening by investing in a cat backpack that’s airline-approved, like Ibiyaya Adventure Cat CarrierBackpack. As the name suggests, these carriers are compatible with most domestic and foreign airlines’ in-cabin pet policy. Ibiyaya line of cat backpacks are airline-approved as they have a dimension of L30 W27 H42 (cm); L11.8 W10.6 H16.5 (in), enough to fit under the seat of the cabin. They only weigh 4 pounds or 1.8 kgs, which suits the allowable handcarry weight of 15 lbs or 7 kgs.

Although you’re still going to pay a fee to bring your pet in the aircraft, it’s way cheaper than buying another seat for your pet. The amount depends on the airline: for example, most international airlines charge $200. On average, airlines operating in North America charge from $50 to $120, while European airlines charge $30 to $75. You also need to buy an extra ticket if you’re going to bring more than one cat.

Airlines allow you to bring the carrier with you on your seat as long as it fits under your seat.

Cat Travel Carrier Backpack
Cat Travel Carrier Backpack

Keeps Your Pet Comfortable

Airlines are designed to keep humans comfortable — not so much for pets. According to VCA Animal Hospitals, some cats experience tremendous stress when subjected to air travel.

One way of keeping your cat comfortable as you travel with them is putting them inside a spacious pet carrier even large cats are fit enough. These airline-approved cat carriers under seat are specially designed for pets that guarantee their comfort and safety while being in the air. Unlike other cat carriers, ours ensure your cat’s comfort because of the following features:

  • has multiple mesh windows that ensure maximum airflow. This keeps your feline friend cool as you’re traveling together by air.
  • comes with a scratch pad to keep your cat busy as you travel.

These pet-friendly airlines: American Airlines, Spirit Airlines, KLM Airlines, United Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and Allegiant Air American Airlines guarantee a huge under-the-seat space for your cat carrier backpack.



Ensures Your Convenience

Putting your pet inside an airline-approved cat carrier backpack guarantees your comfort as you’ll easily know where they are — inside the carrier. It also keeps both of your hands-free, so you can use them for other things, such as preparing your boarding pass, storing your other luggage in the overhead bin, and snacking during the flight.

  • An airline-approved cat carrier under the seat has multiple mesh windows on the sides, allowing you to check what your cat is doing throughout the flight.
  • This cat carrier backpack with window should also have safety tethers and auto-lock sliders to keep your pet in place and prevent them from running around.


Allows You to Bond With Your Pet

Leaving your pet at home whenever you travel is not only heartbreaking; you’ll also lose the opportunity to bond and make happy memories with them. If you travel all the time, being away from your pet too often can cause them to suffer from anxiety.

You won’t have to worry about any of these problems once you have an airline-approved cat backpack. With this, your cat can board an aircraft, visit new destinations with you, and finally bond together!

Most airlines allow you to take your pet out of the carrier and hold them throughout the entire flight. Just make sure to put a leash on a cat to prevent them from escaping.

If you notice any sign of distress in your cat, such as excessive howling and crying, don’t let them out of the carrier. Keeping them inside the carrier will prevent them from terrorizing other passengers, just like what happened on United Airlines Boeing 737 Flight. But if you want to let your cat sleep comfortably inside the carrier during the flight, you can pay for a seat next to you.


Pick The Right Brand

There are plenty of reasons to buy an airline-approved cat backpack. So, what are you waiting for? Buy an airline-approved cat carrier under seat today and take your cat with you as you take on adventures near and far!

Just make sure that you’re buying an airline-approved cat backpack from a reliable brand, like Ibiyaya. Our line of cat backpacks is made from pet-friendly materials, with dimensions approved by most airlines.

Ibiyaya Offers Airline-Approved Cat Backpack Carrier

To ensure that your feline friends enjoy treats anywhere, anytime, choose from Ibiyaya’s products. We offer a wide variety of high-quality pet travel carriers, ideal for small and large pets. Our cat carrier backpacks also come with with built-in large storage spaces, where you can store and carry your cat’s treats, toys, and other essentials. All of our pet products will stand the test of time as we aim to create bonds built to last! 



Adventure Cat Backpack
Cat Carrier Backpack


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