Contemplating the Great Outdoors: Should Your Cat Venture Outside?

Are you a cat parent and wondering if it is okay to let your furry friend go outside? Well, the answer you get will depend very much on who you ask. Whether it is better to let your cat outside or keep them in and what you need to do to make sure your fur baby is happy and healthy!

Letting your cat outdoors for the first time can be a nerve wracking experience, and you may feel nervous about the potential challenges your pet will face. Whether it is concern for a pet getting harmed or lost there are many safe solutions to give your cat some time outdoors. Despite good intentions, many pet owners err when giving their pets time outside. A recent study published in the European ecology journal, Ecography, tracked house cats who sleep outside at night. The study showed that the house cats traveled an average of nearly 20 acres each night. This news comes as a shock to most pet owners as they do not expect their furry friend to venture so far from home! However, giving your cat space and time outdoors is a great idea when executed safely.

Luckily, Ibiyaya is here to provide you and your cat with the ultimate vehicle! If your kitty is craving some outdoor time, we’ve created a safe way to give your pet some time in the sun. Our Double Decker Pet Stroller allows your four-legged friend to soak in the rays from the comfort of a sheltered space.



This allows for calm, protected strolls enhancing the experience for both you and your pet. And there’s more! For all you cat lovers out there with two or more cats, this stroller was designed for the multi-pet family! The Double Decker will keep your feline friend(s) away from potential diseases and away from dangerous insects or bigger animals that may harm them. Take your cat(s) outside and have them experience new sights, sounds and natural smells without the fear of them getting hurt. Now you can now enjoy spending time with your cat outdoors worry and guilt free!

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