The Best Winter Gifts Are The Warmest

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The Necessities Bag – Marshmallow Puffy Pet Carrier

As the winter comes, I found it is essential to have a spacious bag that not only could fill with all my belongings and my fur baby, but also keep my baby toasty warm.

OJ combo

(My pouch + Pet carrier) = Ibiyaya Marshmellow Puffy Pet Carrier


You know what’s so good about this puffy tote? This bag fulfills my baby and my needs simultaneously; I could finally stop carrying an extra pouch!! It comes with a large separate functional compartment which designed for my personal belongings, and of course the roomy space for my fur kid.

A bag that can filled with all my essentials is my best friend.

Ahem, and tell you a secret, I also use it as my gym bag. How so? First of all, it doesn’t look like a pet bag at all! Secondly, NO More Saggy Bag; the mat on the bottom supports the shape, I can throw my sneakers in without worries. Moreover, no one would notice the difference except me. And I love to take advantage of that!


Go Shopping with my fur kid.

Check out how many stuffs can fit in this perfect sized tote. Have enough of the black? try the polka-dots-never-dies Grey and Pink chic version. Trust me, this bag won’t fail your expectation.


Grab it while you still can!

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