” There are something I want to say about Ibiyaya Transparent Hardcase Carrier.”

I am Raymond.
I am Raymond.

Have you ever been on a trip with your humans, and you just can’t see what’s happening? Do you hate traveling in a carrier where everything is dark, black, and scary? Do you wish you could just poke your head out and give your human a soft nuzzle to feel better? I know I’ve felt this way. But I’m no longer scared of the car or traveling with my human, thanks to Ibiyaya’s Transparent Hardcase Carriers.

What Is Ibiyaya’s Transparent Hardcase Carrier?

The Ibiyaya Transparent Hardcase Carrier is the perfect carrier for small dogs (like me!). The carrier can hold up to 6 kilograms and is 46 by 30 centimeters, so you big dogs are out of luck (ha ha!). It is see-through so we can see the world around us as we’re traveling with our humans, and it has a bunch of different designs that are fun to look at while in the car or on the move. It has aeration holes on one side and a mesh entrance or exit on the other side, so I never have to worry about it getting stuffy. And it has a removable mat on the bottom that is diaper-friendly, just in case your human is into that.

“Hmm, Hard to choose….(paused 5 secs) OKAY! I choose the one on the right, which one do you like?” – Raymond

What Are My Favorite Features?

...Where is everybody?
…Where is everybody?

My favorite features are all the ones that let me look around while out and about with my human. I love that the carrier is transparent because I hated being in a dark, enclosed space in my old carrier. But since I can see everything, I don’t feel trapped but rather free as a bird.

I also love the top and side panels that unzip and give me more freedom to move around. When my human and I go to the local restaurant, she can unzip the top and give me a nice pat on the head or I can give her a wet kiss. The side panel gives me easy access to get in and out without any fuss. This definitely cuts down on precious packing time when my human is running late.

Meowlicious! Even kittens love this transparent carrier!
Meowlicious! Even kittens love it.

What Are My Human’s Favorite Features?

My human loves how light and compact my carrier is. It only weighs 1.1 kilograms (and I try to keep my figure slim). It’s also detachable, collapsible, and folds easily, which my human loves for storing it in the closet when we’re not traveling. She also loves the padded shoulder strap and adorable designs.

“I have to admit, the collapsible design is pretty cool” – Raymond

Even more than its slim form, my human loves how easy my carrier is to clean. Even though I don’t make much of a mess (I’m a good dog like that), my human likes being able to remove the pads and mats and wipe it down with a damp cloth. This means she can spend less time cleaning and more time playing with me, which I love, too.

I love seeing the world around me!!!

“My Madam and I love to go out together with Ibiyaya transparent carrier” – Raymond

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