Ibiyaya’s Trackpack Secures Runner-Up Awards at SuperZoo’s New Product Showcase

Las Vegas, NV — Aug 23, 2023


Ibiyaya’s Trackpack has earned the runner-up position in SuperZoo’s New Product Showcase Awards. Judged by industry leaders, these awards celebrate innovative products that redefine pet care. The Trackpack’s groundbreaking design and sustainability focus impressed the judges, solidifying Ibiyaya’s reputation as a pioneer in the field. Winners receive prominent exposure and recognition through press releases, social media, and event signage, showcasing Ibiyaya’s commitment to pet wellness and environmental responsibility.


What is SuperZoo?

For pet industry professionals from across the world, SuperZoo is the annual event they must attend because it introduces them to the trends, insights, and key players that can help them grow their businesses. The most recent pet products, best practices, knowledge, and abilities you require to differentiate your retail, grooming, animal wellness, and service firms in the Pets & Veterinary sector may all be found at this event.

The Judges

  • Judy Breton CMG & CKO

    Judy Breton worked as a groomer and kennel/boarder owner for the majority of her career. Her professional background includes managing an upscale boarding kennel as well as integrating grooming into retail and grooming operations.

  • Dr. Ruth MacPete
    Veterinarian, media expert, and author Ruth MacPete. She has made appearances on a number of news programs around the nation, including The Doctors, The Today Show, Good Morning America, The Weather Channel, Hallmark’s Home & Family, and many others. 


Pet Product News Retailer of the Year


Ibiyaya x BirdTricks TrackPack for Birds, Patented Bird Carrier Backpack with Perch


The annual Retailer of the Year Awards presented by Pet Product News (PPN) reward independent companies that succeed in a highly competitive market by showcasing the best of the best in the sector.

Judged by a panel of three industry titans, the New Product Showcase Awards are more than just accolades; they symbolize a celebration of cutting-edge ideas and dedication to enhancing the lives of pets and their owners. With a set of rigorous criteria, the awards assess the uniqueness, sustainability, packaging design, and impact on the pet wellness of each submitted product.

Awarding Criteria

Ibiyaya’s Trackpack shone brightly in this competitive arena due to its groundbreaking design and unwavering commitment to sustainability. The judges were captivated by the product’s ingenious engineering, which sets it apart from the conventional pet travel solutions available in the market. Its packaging design was noted for its ability to eloquently communicate the Trackpack’s features and benefits.

SuperZoo customers trying out Ibiyaya 5-in-1 pet stroller.

Award and Benefits 

As runners-up, Ibiyaya’s Trackpack has secured its place among the industry’s elite innovators. Winners of the New Product Showcase Awards are entitled to a range of benefits, including prominent signage at the event, extensive coverage in the SuperZoo mobile app, and the privilege of being featured on SuperZoo’s highly-followed social media accounts. Not to mention, the winners enjoy comprehensive exposure through press releases distributed to key trade and consumer publications.

Trackpack Bird Backpack Awards


The accolade further cements Ibiyaya’s reputation as a trailblazer in the pet care industry. The company’s commitment to producing products that cater to pet well-being while respecting the environment continues to inspire both competitors and consumers.

SuperZoo attendees and pet lovers have the unique opportunity to explore the Trackpack and other groundbreaking products, gaining insight into the future of pet care. As the event continues to showcase exceptional pet care solutions, Ibiyaya’s Trackpack undoubtedly stands as a symbol of innovation and dedication.

Ibiyaya multiple dog strollers



Other Awards

  • Point of Purchase
    1st: MyFamily USA ID Tags
    Runner up: DrTim’s ASF Marine Aquarium Center  
  • Bird
    1st: Wyld’s Wingdom PerchPal
    Runner up: IBBI Pty Ibiyaya x BirdTricks Track Pack for Birds
  • Small Animal
    1st: Happy Habitats The Roam, With Patented Paw Protection Technology
    Runner up: Healthy Pet Carefresh Holiday & Tutti Frutti 
  • Accessories & Gifts
    1st: Oase Living Water biOrb AIR 30 Automated Terrarium
    Runner up: Petnow AI-driven lost pet recovery app 
  • Aquatic
    1st: OASE Living Water biOrb AIR 30 Automated Terrarium
    Runner up: Central Garden & Pet Aqueon AquaPacs Water Care  
  • Herptile
    1st: Hunan Haikun Agricultural Science & Technology HorniPuree
    Runner up: Hagen Exo Terra Terrasky UVB 
  • Grooming
    1st: Paw Ready Dental Hygiene Kit
    Medium Orange for Dog
    Runner up: Loyalty Pet Product Sanispray Pro
  • Farm & Feed
    1st: Spot Farms, Full Moon, FlockLeader Poultry Treats with a Purpose
    Runner up: All Walks Hemp Fiber Chicken Nesting Mats  
  • Cat
    1st:  MidWest Homes for Pets Skudo Cat Carrier
    Runner up: HuggleHounds HuggleKats PlayKat  
  • Dog
    1st: Colorfil Air Filter
    Runner up: West Paw The Dog’s Best Friend Game Judges award for New-to-Market Pet Product
    Wyld’s Wingdom PerchPal

About Ibiyaya

In 2002, luxury pet product line Ibiyaya was launched as a family-owned business. From a small family garage in Taiwan, Ibiyaya has grown into an international company with distributors in over 30 countries. Our numerous patents show that we are one of the pioneers in the development of pet strollers and carriers, and we are expanding to include other products that would help furparents give their pets the best life possible.

For more information on Ibiyaya and its award-winning range of pet products, please visit our product page.

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