5 Reasons Why Your Pet Needs Cat Scratcher

You’ll need to buy several items once you decide to become a cat owner. Your list will usually include cat food, cat litter, and cat toys. But do you know that a cat scratcher is just as important? Cat scratchers positively impact your pet’s overall health in many ways, which is why it’s important to have at least one for your feline friend.

The best cat scratchers are made from corrugated cardboard and offer hemp ropes. Felines have the natural urge to scratch as it allows them to mark their territory and remove debris from their paws. So, can you imagine what will happen to your furniture and other valuables if you don’t have any heavy-duty cat scratchers at home?

To help you paint a clearer picture of how important cat scratchers are, consider the following reasons:

Good for Your Pet’s Health

One of the biggest reasons why pets need a cardboard cat scratcher is because it helps improve or maintain their health. Contrary to popular belief, scratching isn’t an unsightly habit or unfavorable behavior in cats — it’s actually beneficial for their claws as scratching keeps them in tip-top condition. The scratching motion files away the outer layer of your pet’s nail, which is usually damaged or dead.

According to Hasting Veterinary Hospital, cats need their nails trimmed regularly, so they can easily retract their claws altogether. When your cat’s nails are too long, they will eventually curl and cut into their paw pad, increasing their risk of infections. Long nails can also get caught on carpets and other fabrics and can tear your cat’s nails when they try to free themselves.

Additionally, a cat scratcher helps your pet reduce stress. Scratching relieves tension if your cat is stressed or depressed. A stress-free cat is more active and lives a better, longer life.

Saves your Furniture

Taking care of a cat without a cat scratching mat  is one of the biggest mistakes pet owners worldwide often commit. You’ll even end up spending more as you need to pay for furniture repair or buy brand new pieces.

As mentioned, cats have a natural urge to scratch, and not providing them an avenue to exhibit this behavior will prompt them to scratch other items — and most of the time, it’s usually pieces of furniture as they’re soft and big. The longer you take care of pets without any luxury cat scratcher, the more damage they can make to your furniture.

Fortunately, you can prevent these from happening by introducing a heavy-duty cat scratcher early. When you have one at home, your pets can finally have a place to scratch, which will cause them to lose the interest in sinking their claws in your favorite couch and other furniture!

Releases Energy

Cats are naturally playful pets. When they’re not provided with enough activities to spend their energy on, they eventually become destructive. This means that your pet will start digging in potted plants, run around at night, and even urinate outside the litter box. These behaviors will make your life as a pet owner challenging.

A slanted cat scratcher gives your pet the opportunity to release a lot of built-up energy. Reaching and scratching require effort, so allowing your pet to use their slanted cat scratcher for a couple of minutes every day will help tire them out. As a result, they’ll no longer have the energy and need to exhibit destructive behavior at home.

What’s great about our cat scratchers is that you can place them in either an L-shape or a triangle. This will allow your pets to enjoy the cat scratcher in a variety of ways, which is sure to tire them out

Helps Pets Socialize

Similar to humans, pets also need to socialize. Socializing teaches your pets to react to the world around them in a healthy way, without aggression or fear. This is especially true if you start encouraging your pets to socialize with other pets when they’re still young.

Our slanted cat scratcher enables pets to play hide and seek, perfect for playful cats. It also has corrugated boards on different sides, so all of your cats can scratch simultaneously.

Although experts recommend giving one slanted cat scratcher per pet, you should also have a communal cat scratcher for all of your pets to share. This will become the meeting point for your pets where they can socialize with each other and entice other pets to play.

According to wagwalking.com, socialization is important for cats because it helps them develop a confident and calm temperament and makes it easier for them to develop in new environments. Over time, this will prevent them from reacting with aggression and fear when faced with new people and environments.

Serves as Exercise

Pets need regular exercise to stay healthy. According to The Vet Charity for Pets in Need, cats need to exercise to reduce their risk of developing health conditions, such as diabetes, arthritis, and cancer. Regular physical activities also benefit their mental health as it prevents boredom and enables them to express their natural behavior. But do you know that a decorative cat scratcher allows your pets to exercise?

When pets use a slanted cat scratcher, they’ll need to extend their front legs and pull backward, giving their bodies a full stretch. These motions are a form of exercise because it requires pets to use their back and shoulder muscles. Repeating these motions also releases “feel good” hormones in your pets’ brains, making them feel happier after exercising.

And because of its anti-slip stoppers, you won’t have to worry about  cat triangle scratchers moving or shifting around as your pet exercises. This will provide your cat with a solid scratching experience for long periods!

Invest in the Best Cat Scratcher

Now that you know how important cat horizontal cat scratchers are, look for reliable companies that sell them. Make sure that the horizontal cat scratcher you buy is made from high-quality and eco-friendly materials, like corrugated cardboard, and from an ISO-certified company that offers a level of quality standard and a product warranty.


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