Cat Scratcher Furnitures

“The eco-friendly cat scratching furniture”

Ibiyaya has 4 designs of cat scratchers to fit your needs. All of these cat scratching furniture are made of corrugated cardboard, as we give importance to the safety of your kittens. In terms of fashion and style, Ibiyaya envisioned the Boho theme because Bohemian fashion is inspired by people who choose to lead an unconventional life, such as constant travelers, actors, and writers. We believe Ibiyaya followers too are living a remarkable lifestyle with their pets.

The Fold-Out Cat Scratching Pad is a condo and apartment-friendly cat scratching furniture. It is compact and foldable for easy storage. This cat scratcher pad is your first home furniture protection from your cat’s claws. The Ibiyaya Sand Dune Round Cat Scratching Pad is both a scratcher and a pet bed in one. This Ibiyaya large cat scratcher has a stylish design in the form of dunes. This large catch scratcher bed is easy to use and clean, guaranteed to be durable and sturdy, and most of all, offers maximum feline pleasure. The Plateau Cat Scratching Pad for the floor has a wavy shape, double-sided construction, anti-slip stoppers, and a strong build. All this cat scratcher furniture is eco-friendly, using fully recyclable corrugated cardboard and materials. The best part about this kitten scratcher is the replaceable cardboard design. You will have a huge saving in the replacement of the cat scratcher parts.

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