Dog Backpack with Wheels

While Ibiyaya’s selection of dog backpacks with wheels is limited, we are working on creating more products in this line.

Our dog backpack with wheels are ideal for cats and small dogs who love adventure! The dog backpacks can be worn as you hike, run errands around town, go to the grocery, or meet with friends. You can also use it as you commute on the train. Having your pet on your back allows your hands to be free and carry other items, like a shoulder bag, groceries, shopping items, and others!

Our bestselling 5-in-1 EVA Pet Stroller is one of our most innovative dog carrier backpack with wheels. It’s not just a dog backpack, but also a pet stroller, pet carrier with wheels, pet sling bag, and pet car booster seat. It has almost everything you need in a pet carrier backpack with wheels ! Its sides are made of mesh, giving full visibility to your pet, and is made of pet-friendly, non-toxic EVA which is great for your furbaby! Our 5-in-1 pet stroller is perfect for smaller pets such Chihuahuas and Princess-Type Shih Tzus, bunnies, pug mini, and other small animals.

The New Liso Backpack Parallel Transport Pet Trolley is perfect if you have a larger pet, such as a Maine Coon, Beagle, or Cocker Spaniel, which may not fit in our 5-in-1 EVA Pet Stroller. It could also be a double cat carrier on wheels due to its spacious size.

Be sure to travel in comfort and style with Ibiyaya dog backpack with wheels.

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