Dog Wagon Strollers

Pet Wagon Stroller for Multiple Small to Large Dogs

Ibiyaya has two choices of dog wagon for large dogs, dogs with arthritis, senior dogs and multiple small pets, and one model for small dog wagons. You can have multiple puppies, cats, or rabbits, as Ibiyaya guarantees durability and capacity up to 50 kg if you choose the large dog wagon.

Ibiyaya pet products undergo an ESCR (environmental stress-cracking resistance) test, while the small pet wagon strollers are all SGS-compliant. They are all collapsible dog wagons manufactured under the ISO standard and, therefore, guarantee quality and durability.

The Noah All-around dog wagon for extra-large dogs is spacious, has full ventilation, is made of water-resistant fabric, and is heavy-duty, which makes it perfect for family outdoor activities. The Ibiyaya dog wagon for big dogs has standard safety features to prevent pet escape, like an auto-locking zipper, two tethers, brakes, and a foldable staircase.

The Gentle Giant Dog Wagons for Large Senior Dog is a foldable dog wagon with a luxurious design fit for city strolling, fine restaurant dining with friends, attending pet shows, and even shopping. It has double entryways and mesh windows for fresh air and scenery. On the otherhand, the new model, the Grand Cruise big dog wagon is known as the best dog wagon for injured dogs.

Bicycle wagon for dogs

The Ibiyaya brand doesn’t stop there. Introducing the Hercules and Happy large dog wagon for bike, which are gaining immense popularity among pet enthusiasts. The Hercules heavy-duty dog wagon, as the name suggests, is a robust large dog wagon for bike enthusiasts, allowing owners to take their pets on cycling adventures seamlessly. On the other hand, the Happy pet wagon for bike focuses on comfort and style for those relaxed strolls in the park or neighborhood.

Both dog bike wagon emphasize safety, durability, and comfort, making them a worthy addition to Ibiyaya’s remarkable lineup. Whether it’s a bike ride or a casual walk, Ibiyaya ensures your pets experience the journey in style and with the utmost care.

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