Large Dog Stroller

Best Dog Stroller for Large Breed Dogs

Ibiyaya has a wide range of large dog strollers, which differ according to their purpose. The Elegant Retro Luxe  has a maximum capacity of 35 kg. It is known as a large dog stroller with ultra-light aluminum frames. The Hercules Heavy Duty is a big dog stroller that supports up to 50kg. It can be used as a large dog bike trailer, perfect for mountain biking.

The Grand Cruise Large Dog Wagon can handle 50 kg, while the Gentle Giant Pet Wagon has a capacity of 25 kg, and both are known for injured or large senior dog pet strollers because of their spacious cabins and smooth 360-degree swiveling wheels.

Monarch Luxury Dog Stroller is a 28 kg capacity large dog stroller. This model is so cool that you can even attend the party with your pet in the stroller. It is scratch-resistant, anodized, and has an aluminum gold frame. The ultimate pet stroller for sassy pet owners. Go and take a romantic dinner date with your pet using this model..

Ibiyaya’s latest model is the Beast Dog Running Stroller, with a capacity of 25 kg. This dog running stroller has been tested for a marathon competition. It has an aerodynamic design, shock-absorbing wheels, and double brakes.

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