Multifunction Pet Stroller

Multifunction Pet Strollers: Where Every Journey Adapts to Your Pet’s Comfort and Your Style!

Ibiyaya is very good in multi-functional pet stroller, which is a statement that we are proud of. Ibiyaya has 6-in-1, 5-in-1, 4-in-1, 3-in-1, and 2-in-1 dog-cat stroller models to fit your lifestyle. According to, in their The 5 Best Dog Strollers For Pups Of All Sizes article, Eva combo is” The Most Versatile Dog Stroller” fit for small dogs, cats, and rabbits.

Ibiyaya’s JetPaw 6-in-1 small pet stroller and airline-approved expandable pet carrier can be used in four more ways (dog backpack, pet luggage style, and hand-carry pet bag), allowing you to take your pets wherever, whatever the situation. In fact, this will be the only pet product you’ll need to ensure that your pet enjoys various outdoor adventures with you—whether it’s biking, mall strolling, hiking, or a car ride!

Want to conveniently bring your pet anywhere? Choose our 5-in-1 Pet Carrier-Stroller combo. This is one of our most versatile product yet, as you can use it as a pet stroller, pet backpack, pet carrier with wheels, car seat carrier , and even a dog-cat shoulder bag. It’s made from evironment friendly materials yet easily collapsible, so you don’t have to worry about looking for large storage space.

Another product slowly gaining popularity among pet owners are the  Happy Pet Bike Trailer/Jogger 2.0.  and Hercules Heavy Duty Large Dog Bike Trailer-Stroller. Besides being a stroller, you can use it as a dog bike trailer and take your pet on outdoor adventures on steep and rough terrain. It comes with features that guarantee your pet’s safety and comfort, like mesh windows for better ventilation and two tethers to secure your pet inside.

“One reviewer wrote: “Game changer for a dog stroller. Offers so much versatility, yet provides luxury comfort for my little Mikis (10 lbs). A must buy!”
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