Pet Bunny Stroller

Taking your bunny on adventures has never been easier with the Ibiyaya pram!

Ibiyaya bunny strollers are made from lightweight yet highly durable materials to ensure your pet’s comfort and security. Our pet stroller for rabbits are SGS-certified products, patented, offer durability and safety standards, are easy to clean and repairable parts. With these features, going to new places with your bunny will allow you to have a memorable experience together while avoiding injury from faulty DIY rabbit pram or stroller.

If you’re looking for a multi-functional rabbit stroller, we highly recommend the CLEO Travel System Bunny Stroller. You can use this as a pet rabbit stroller, carrier, and rabbit car seat booster. It’s also designed with our newest Anti-Pinch technology to protect your bunny from injuries.

For a more convenient trip outdoors with your bunny, take a look at our Travois Tri-fold Pet Travel System and Easy Strolling Pet Rabbit Buggy. Both are foldable rabbit strollers and have storage baskets where you can put your gadgets or your pet’s travel essentials.

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