Pet Luggage Bag

Where Every Journey’s a Tail-Wagging Adventure

At Ibiyaya, we are proud to showcase our dedicated section for pet luggage for dogs and cats, offering a diverse range of travel solutions tailored for pet owners. Our collection is thoughtfully designed to provide innovative and comfortable travel gear, specifically crafted to ensure the safety and comfort of pets.

Traveling on a plane with a cat can be difficult, but the JetPaw makes it much easier. This expandable cat and dog carrier is designed to attach to the suitecase, making airport travel easy and stress-free. It’s airline-approved pet luggage, so you can take your cat beneath the seat in the cabin and keep them by your side throughout the flight.

Understanding the varied needs of different pet sizes and breeds, our cat-dog luggage with wheels are stylish and versatile, guaranteeing a perfect fit to your travel requirements.  Among our standout products is the Champion  Dog Luggage with wheels (optional), a key piece in our luggage for pets collection. This multi-functional item serves as a travel backpack, car seat carrier, and an optional dog suitcase with wheels. It exemplifies our commitment to versatile and practical solutions for pet travel.

Additionally, our EVA 4-in-1 Pet Luggage with Wheels is a versatile offering, doubling as both puppy luggage and cat luggage. This adaptable product functions as a dog-cat sling bag and car seat carrier, meeting the needs of both small and medium-sized pets.

At Ibiyaya, travel luggage for dogs and cats is more than a retail space; it’s a comprehensive resource for pet owners seeking the best travel gear for their furry companions.  Features like airline-approved dog luggage with wheels ensure that our customers make informed decisions, always prioritizing the comfort and safety of pets. Our goal is to make travel a pleasant and stress-free experience for both pets and their owners.

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