Pet Rolling Carrier

Ibiyaya’s Pet Rolling Carriers ensure a smooth, safe, and comfortable travel experience for your pets!

Unlike other cat and dog rolling carriers, our products are SGS compliant, ISO certified, and have passed the environmental stress-cracking test. This goes to show that all the materials used in our line of pet rolling carriers are highly durable and safe for your fur babies.

Our New Liso Backpack Parallel Transport Pet Carrier is one of the best rolling cat-dog rolling carriers today as it’s designed to look like luggage, plus 360-degree swivel wheels for easy maneuverability. This rolling dog carrier backpack comes with side and front windows for added ventilation, keeping your pet cool and comfortable inside regardless of how long your trip is.

If you’re looking for versatility, the EVA Pet Rolling Carrier is your best bet. Aside from supporting small and medium-sized dogs, this rolling dog-cat carrier also works as an excellent rolling dog-cat carrier backpack and pet shoulder bag. You can use this dog-cat rolling carrier in four different ways: as a travel carrier, shoulder bag, car seat booster, and backpack with wheels. You’ll never have to buy another cat-dog rolling bag when you have the EVA Pet Carrier!

If you are looking for an airline-approved cat-dog rolling backpack, Ibiyaya has innovative pet products and will produce more in the first quarter of 2023.

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