Pet Travel Carrier

Get your pet on the go with our pet travel carriers!

Your pet needs a carrier that is tailored to them, and Ibiyaya has all of the best ones. We have airline-approved carriers for your furry friends as well as designer-style backpacks, bubble travel backpack carriers for dogs and cats, pet travel luggage with wheels—perfect if you’re going on an adventure with Fido or Fifi! You can also find multifunctional designs that will fit any size animal up in our store today – no matter what their destination may be!

The Ibiyaya Classic Pet Travel Carrier is a lightweight, compact and collapsible pet travel carrier that can be easily stored when not in use. It has multiple entry points for your furry friend to enter or exit at their convenience as well as an adjustable shoulder strap so you don’t have trouble taking it on or off alone! The durable exterior passed all tests done by safety organizations like ESCR and SGS which ensures our product meets international quality standards for your pet’s safety and your peace of mind.

Ibiyaya’s Pet Travel Carrier collection is enhanced with versatile options to suit a range of needs. For cat lovers, the range includes a variety of cat carrier backpacks, ensuring that your feline friends can join in on your adventures with comfort and safety. For those with larger canine companions, the collection offers sturdy and spacious large dog backpacks, designed for the comfort and security of bigger breeds. A standout in this selection is Ibiyaya’s own 5-in-1 Expandable Pet Carrier, a multifunctional marvel that adapts to various travel scenarios, providing an expandable space for extra comfort. This addition underscores Ibiyaya’s commitment to offering innovative, high-quality travel solutions for pets of all sizes.

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