Rabbit Carrier

Hop into Comfort, Travel with Care: Your Bunny’s Preferred Carrier!

Ibiyaya has a variety of rabbit travel carriers—strollers and rabbit carrier bags—that our pet owners can choose from based on their lifestyle, needs, and the number of their pets. All Ibiyaya rabbit carrier bags are SGS-compliant, which guarantees that your pet bunnies are safe and secure while traveling with you.

For rabbits that love to explore, we recommend the 5-in-1 combo EVA Pet Stroller, as it can be used as a rabbit stroller, rabbit carrier backpack, rabbit sling carrier, rabbit rolling carrier, and a pet car carrier. This is our most versatile pet product that allows your bunny to explore!

We also have rabbit carrier bag and stroller combo, like the Travois Tri-fold Rabbit Stroller-Carrier  and the Cleo Rabbit Strroller-Carrier . These two multifunctional pet strollers have a detachable cabin that works as a rabbit travel carrier. Its spacious cabin and mesh will give your bunny the most comfortable travel experience.

Aside from the EVA bunny carrier sling bag function, we have a Liso Bunny Carrier Backpack and Double Bunny Carrier Backpack that can be used also as bunny carrier  for two rabbits. Both are hikers’ favorite pet travel carriers as they’re ideal for camping, mountaineering and nature photography.

We do not recommend DIY bunny travel carriers for pet safety and comfort especially if you are in the wilderness of North America, Australia or Asia. Using these can compromise the safety of your pet and can even cause injuries.

The next time you look for rabbit carriers for sale, call Ibiyaya nearest dealer or contact us directly.

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