Adventure Cat Carrier Backpack with Window, Large Airline-Approved Cat Bag for Hiking & Travel. Best for both Kitten & Fat Cat

Discover nature with your cat by your side! Our Adventure Cat Carrier Backpack isn’t just a carrying solution; it’s a bridge connecting your furry friend to nature. Built to merge with the outdoor ethos, it allows both of you to share experiences like never before.

Constructed with robust, durable surface materials, this top-notch large cat backpack for hiking and long travel is the epitome of durability and aesthetics. With a unique viewing pane, curious kitties can gaze at the wonders of nature, whether it’s the fluttering of butterflies or the rustling of leaves. Made to accommodate your travel whims, this cat travel backpack is designed to be airline-approved, and it ensures your pet’s utmost security with an in-built safety leash.

The wearer’s comfort has been a paramount design consideration, with its ergonomically designed chest strap and cushioned shoulder bands. And, of course, the “puree treat portal” is bound to be a feline favorite, a touch of homey comfort in the wilderness!

  • 2-year manufacturer warranty
  • Airline-approved cat carrier backpack
  • Breathable & water-repellant fabric
  • Hands-free, spacious, secure design, and ergonomic

The Purrfect Paradise for Cats

Top benefits for pet parents

Pawsome design for your fur babies

Customizable name tag

  • Eco-blend color: Not just a cat travel backpack but a statement of style. The earth-toned backpack, with its nature-inspired palette, enhances the harmony between man, animal, and nature. User-friendly design: Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the enhanced shoulder padding and the snug chest band ensure that even on a long trek, your comfort remains uncompromised. The interior boasts a soft lining that would have your cat purring in contentment.
  • Durable surface and water-repellent fabric: Whether you’re a weekend camper or a hardcore hiker, this large cat hiking backpack stands resilient. It laughs in the face of adverse weather, be it harsh sun or downpours.
  • Airline-approved cat carrier: This cat travel backpack ticks all the boxes for major airlines’ pet policies, like being a soft-sided pet carrier, small enough to fit under the seat of the cabin, and having anti-litter provisions. It also has windows for constant monitoring and a spacious pet carrier to guarantee comfort when your pet rides a plane.
  • 3-in-1 features: Traveling will never be the same again. With its multi-function capabilities and well-balanced construction, the Adventure Cat Carrier Backpack can be utilized as a cat car seat booster, cat hiking backpack, and cat chest carrier (front-facing cat carrier).
  • Climate-considerate design: The meshed sides not only allow a full view but also ensure natural airflow. With adjustable flaps, one can control the internal environment—open it up for a cool breeze or close it for added warmth. The flaps also help improve pet privacy if the owner wants less attention.
  • Adventure Cat backpack with window: Your feline won’t miss a thing. With a design focusing on maximum window coverage, your cat can partake in the adventure, seeing everything you see.
  • Storage and molle webbing: Every traveler knows the value of storage. With retractable pockets and molle webbing, there’s space for everything. Most tactical and hiking backpacks use MOLLE webbing, which is made of nylon for strength and durability. These specialized add-ons are perfect holders for walkie-talkies and whistles, ensuring you’re always prepared.
  • Spill-proof fabric: A day out can be messy, but cleaning up doesn’t have to be. With provisions for diaper pads and spill-proof fabric, this cat hiking backpack ensures cleanliness isn’t a post-adventure chore.
  • In-built cat scratcher: The Adventure Cat Carrier Backpack has an innovation aimed at feline comfort. While enhancing the longevity of the cat backpack, it gives your cat a sense of familiarity in unfamiliar terrains.
  • Personalization option: Everyone loves a personal touch. With the option of adding leather name tags, make every adventure truly yours and your pet’s with this cat hiking backpack.
  • Safety first: Using high-durability fabric, this cat backpack with window promises years of service. Along with a visibility-enhancing design and a safety leash, it covers all bases to guarantee peace of mind.
  • As puppies and rabbit carriers: It’s not just an Adventure Cat Backpack with a window. The spacious and comfortable design makes it a travel solution for puppies and bunnies too.
  • Cat liquid snack side slots: Adventure can be exhausting! The easy-access cat treat holes are perfect for giving your kitty a quick snack, keeping them entertained and nourished.
Product Recognition

What client say

I am absolutely delighted that I stumbled upon this pet backpack online, and without a doubt, I am happy with my purchase. Right from the start, my cat Radek embraced it wholeheartedly, enabling both of us to relish the outdoors, whether it be through biking or walking. One aspect that I truly value is the option to add a sanitary base, ensuring my cat’s safety while attached to a leash inside. 
However, it’s worth noting that if your cat happens to be on the heavier side, longer walks may pose a challenge due to the cumulative weight. Also, it’s important to mention that this carrier may not serve well as a cat carrier bag for longer trips or general transportation. For such occasions, I recommend opting for a regular cat carrier with wheel that provides us with regular lifting rest. But all in all, I gotta say, this fat cat carrier bag has my seal of approval!


I feel 100% confident that the cat bag carrier is crush proof. It’s super easy to set up and break down (just zip/unzip the zippers).
While it didn’t smell bad right out of the box, it had some faint odor to it – nothing bad, just like it needs to be aired out. I put it outside in the sun for a bunch of hours and by the next day it was 95% fine. 

I think maybe the scratch pad on cat carrier bag might have been the culprit in terms of the smell. I’m sure I’m making a bigger deal of it than it needs to be.

In addition to the quality of the bag, a HUGE benefit is the padded – and I mean PADDED comfort of the straps. The people who designed this must certainly have pets and used this themselves.

Five solid stars.

Lia Soffia Ludovica

This is a really good sized cat travel carrier, my fat boy cat fits very comfortably. It’s constructed to last and hold up to some abuse. The material is thick and the stitching is strong.

Besides just how great the cat bag is built it also looks great. Overall it’s just about the best cat carrier bag I’ve tested.

How do I choose the right size of cat backpack?

When choosing a cat backpack, consider the size and weight of your cat. Look for the Ibiyaya Adventure Cat backpack product specifications above.

The Ibiyaya Adventure Cat Carrier Bag is airline-approved and can be used for air travel. It fits well under the seat of your cabin. However, airline regulations can vary, so it’s important to check with the specific airline regarding their pet carrier guidelines and restrictions before planning air travel with your cat in a backpack.

Ibiyaya cat backpacks are made of materials that can be spot-cleaned or gently hand-washed. This cat hiking backpack is also made with water-resistant fabric that is easy to clean and wipe in case of spills, splashes, or dirt. It’s a good idea to regularly clean the backpack to maintain hygiene and freshness.

Recommended Weight Limit: 9KG/20lbs
Net. W.: 1.8KG/4lbs
Carrier Measurements: L30 W27 H42 (cm); L12 W11 H16.5 (in)
Accessories: Safety tether x1 / Removable pad Spot cleaning, handwash.
Do not expose to the sun directly.
Dry flat in shade.

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