Breezy Wanderer Fur-Free Pet Tote Bag

Fur-Free, Feather-Light, and Fashion-Forward

The Breezy Wanderer No-Fur Pet Carrier Tote Bag is a perfect blend of fashion, ease, and resilience for your pet’s journeys. Made with a cutting-edge Radio Frequency (RF) Welding technique, it features a sleek, fur-defying texture and an incredibly light structure, weighing only 540g.

Its vintage charm is highlighted by a perforated floral pattern, and the contrasting bright color design on the bottom cleaning pad adds a vibrant touch. The Breezy Wanderer No-Fur Pet Carrier Tote Bag’s sturdy TPU fabric can withstand harsh environments, ensuring the bag maintains its shape and offers a spacious interior, further enhanced by a wide, adaptable opening.

  • Escape-proof pet tote carrier bag
  • Weather-proof, tear-resistant, and long-lasting

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  • Superior make: The small pet carrier tote bag is produced using the Radio Frequency (RF) Welding method, fusing materials without the need for stitching, leading to a sleek texture that prevents fur stickiness.
  • Remarkably light: The carry bag is ultra-light, with a weight of just 1 lb, promoting effortless portability.
  • Classic appeal: The bag’s perforated floral design evokes a sense of nostalgia, while the vibrant interior color injects a dynamic energy.
  • Tough and long-lasting: Crafted from TPU materials, it resists severe weather, avoids tears, and endures over time. The bottom footpad protects against direct ground contact, guarding against damage, scuffs, and marks.
  • Reliable structure: The small pet carrier tote bag retains its shape, guaranteeing a comfortable and roomy space for your pets.
  • Wide entry: The top opening has two phases, letting pets view through the mesh or enter the bag easily when fully open.
  • Simple cleaning: The Dachshund tote bag’s inner side is waterproof, and a PVC layer at the base resists dirt and moisture, making washing and quick drying a breeze.
  • Airy with good views: Breathability is designed on all sides of the bag, allowing pets to see in multiple directions.
  • Escape-proof: The pet carrier tote bag features such as an auto-locking zipper that can be securely locked and a safety tether ensure pets remain contained.
  • Storage options: This Dachshund carrier bag comes with pockets for personal items and a ring for hanging smaller objects.


Recommend weight limit: 6kg or 13lbs
N.W.: 540g; 1.0lbs
Overall dimensions: L38 W19 H26 (cm); L15 W7.5 H10 (in)
Folded dimension: L38 W26 H3 (cm); L15 W10 H1.0 (in)
Accessory included: Safety tether*1、inner padding*1



Recommend weight limit: 8kg or 17.5lbs
N.W.: 720g; 1.5lbs
Overall dimensions: L50 W20 H28 (cm); L20 W8 H11 (in)
Folded dimension: L50 W28 H3 (cm); L20 W11 H1.0 (in)
Accessory included: Safety tether*1、inner padding*1


  • Spot cleaning, handwash. Cold.
  • Do not expose to the sun directly.
  • Dry flat in shade.
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