New CLEO Travel System Pet Stroller Best Medium-Sized Dog, Cat, & Rabbit Stroller Foldable, Luxury-Designed Detachable Carrier

Bring your pets for a walk in the city! Who says you have to sacrifice fashion for functionality?

With Ibiyaya’s New CLEO Travel System Pet Stroller, you can enjoy the city views in your modern/business casual style with ease. These 3-in-1 dog strollers for medium dogs feature a detachable carrier that also works as a pet car seat booster for maximum convenience. It is designed with the newest anti-pinch technology along with diverse safety features, multi-level adjustable handle, and washable fabric for an easy and comfortable ride with your pets. From 360⁰ rotating wheels, dual-opening canopy, to full ventilation and spacious storage space, the New CLEO Travel System is the next best dog stroller with detachable for medium dogs and cats.

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Cruise in comfort, stroll in style New Cleo Travel System Pet Stroller

Top benefits for pet parents

Pawsome design for your fur babies

Swift and Secure




  • MULTI-FUNCTION PET STROLLER: This 3-in-1 pet stroller with a detachable carrier can be used as a medium dog stroller, pet carrier, and dog car seat booster! The carrier can be folded to 2-inches (5 cm) tall for easy storage. A perfect medium dog stroller for 20 to 40 lbs dogs or multiple small-sized pets (rabbits & cats)
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN & SPACIOUS STORAGE: The Cleo detachable pet stroller comes with a multi-level adjustable handle optimized for different heights. Plus side pockets, spacious storage basket, removable hanging bags for your personal and pet items.
  • TWO FUNCTION WHEELS: Switch between fixed wheels and swivel wheels for a more flexible movement. The swivel wheel helps pet owners easily navigate a tight area while the fixed wheel function improves stability.




  • FASHIONABLE DESIGN FOR MODERN CASUAL STYLE: Designed with prime denim twill fabric and high-quality steel with a matte finish. Suitable for modern, casual, business, and formal styles.
  • SGS Certified/EN1888 Certified: This pet stroller meets rigorous European safety and quality standards, ensuring that both the structure and the materials used are safe for your pets. The SGS certification and EN1888 test confirm that the stroller is durable, reliable, and safe for daily use in varied environments.
  • CHIC & HIGH-QUALITY STROLLER FRAME: The frame of the Cleo Travel System is crafted from high-quality steel with a matte finish, designed to provide a sleek, modern appearance while ensuring durability and stability. The prime denim twill fabric adds a touch of elegance and style, suitable for any modern casual or business setting.




  • FLEXIBLE 2 DOOR PET STROLLER: Canopy can be opened from the front or back. The velcro on the sides and magnetic buckles for both openings form a tight seal that can prevent your dog or cat from accidentally escaping.
  • 360° MOVEMENT: You can move and turn this medium luxury dog stroller in all directions with ease! Our handlebar comes with a comfortable curved grip and hand brakes for easy parking.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE COVER FABRIC: All fabric is removable and washable, including the seat cover! Made with breathable fabric, permeable yet resistant to splash, and very easy to clean with water.
  • REMOVABLE INNER COVER: The Cleo Travel System features a removable inner cover that is easy to detach and wash, making maintenance a breeze. This cover is made from a breathable, splash-resistant fabric that ensures a comfortable ride for your pets while keeping the stroller clean and hygienic.




  • ANTI-PINCH TECHNOLOGY: This medium pet stroller with a detachable carrier utilized the newest Anti-Pinch technology to prevent any injury during use.
  • ESCAPE-PROOF PET STROLLER: Includes safety tethers, auto-lock sliders, quick brakes, and spoke reflectors to help protect you and your pet in dark conditions.
  • SHOCKPROOF: Cleo Medium Pet Stroller’s shock absorbing wheels help reduce vibration and are resistant to damage made by accidental drops. This luxury medium dog stroller with a shockproof system is a cost-effective model due to lower maintenance costs and improved efficiency.
  • FAST BRAKING SYSTEM: Equipped with quick brakes and auto-lock sliders, this pet stroller provides a reliable and efficient braking system. This ensures immediate stopping capability in various terrains, offering extra safety for you and your pet during walks.
  • CATALOG: To download Ibiyaya’s product catalog on your device, please visit this page.
Product Recognition

What client say

This is one of the best detachable dog strollers on the market. It’s solidly made and well designed. Ibiyaya makes quite a few quality dog-cat strollers. This one has a separate pet box that is held onto a tubular steel stroller frame with four clips that snap it in place tightly but release with a good tug. In addition to the clips, concerned pet parents can also opt to attach the box with four velcro flaps that don’t allow the box to be removed unless they’re unfastened. You may want to use these if you plan to pick up the front of the dog stroller by the box on an escalator or stairs.


Manila Mike

We love our Ibiyaya Cleo small pet stroller! We take it everywhere we go! The stroller base is lightweight and super easy to fold up and unfold! The carrier is very comfy for my babies and we even use it as a car seat! This stroller is both durable and beautiful!

We take it on road trips, on the plane, and every day walks! It’s just as beautiful as it was the day we got it. We definitely recommend this stroller! Plus the Ibiyaya customer service is

You won’t be disappointed!


Was easy to put together. Easy to fold down and travel with. She tends to get exhausted halfway through a walk and begs to be Carried so this is a great option. We also have a cat that my daughter took on a small walk the other day.

Wheels move smoothly. They’re unable to escape but very comfortable. I love the style. It reminds me of the early vintage baby bassinets. I’m happy with this detachable small dog stroller

Is the replacement parts available on this model?

Ibiyaya sells spare parts for all pet strollers, including this model. Give us your complete address, and we will send you an estimate of the cost of transportation and the selling price.

Yes, as long as the total weight of the pets don’t exceed 55 pounds.

This small pet stroller has a recommended weight limit of 20kg or 44 lbs.

  • Recommended Weight Limit: 20kg; 44lbs
  • N.W.: 9kg; 20lbs (Carrycot: 3.3KGS/7lbs; Stroller frame: 5.7KGS/12.5lbs)
  • Cabin Dimensions: L54 W32 H51 (cm); L21 W13 H20 (in)
  • Stroller Dimensions: L82 W52 H106 (cm); L32 W20 H42 (in)
  • Folded Dimensions: L52 W29 H79.5 (cm); L20 W11 H31 (in)
  • Accessories:  Safety leash x2 / Removable pad
  • Raincover: Available for sale, not included.
  • Use cold water and mild soap to give the entire fabric area and canopy a good cleaning with a damp cloth.
  • With a dry towel, wipe away excess water and soap.
  • When not in use, please store this double pet stroller in a place where it is protected from moisture, direct sunlight, and rain.
  • If you have any other questions, please contact
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