Ibiyaya Universal Rain Cover (Customized Size)



Protect your dog from nature’s elements with the Ibiyaya Stroller Rain cover!

Now you can keep your pet and their stroller dry with this strong and waterproof rain cover! This medium transparent rain cover features a Velcro-closed flip-open design that makes it easy to put over the stroller.  It helps keep your animal companion safe from rain, snow, wind, etc.  The cover has ventilation holes to bring in fresh air for your pet while protecting your furbaby and their carrier.


  • Exclusive rain cover for pet strollers/ trolleys from Ibiyaya
  • Features ventilation holes for your pet
  • Made with a Velcro-closed flip-open design for easier use
  • Waterproof and durable material for a lasting pet stroller accessory

Colour: Transparent

Material: Non-Toxic PVC

Size: Medium

Compatible with the following trolley/strollers

SKURaincover SKU #
FC1705New Liso Backpack Parallel Transport Pet TrolleyFP140503
FC1405Liso Backpack Parallel Transport Pet TrolleyFP140503
FS2080Happy Pet Trailer/Jogger 2.0FP98001
FS980Pet Happy TrailerFP98001
FS1780The Hercules Heavy Duty Pet StrollerFP178000


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