IBIYAYA Pet Feeding Bowl, Adjustable, Elevated, and Tilted for Dogs and Cats

The IBIYAYA Pet Feeding Bowl ensures your pet’s comfort and health with its adjustable angle from 0 to 22 degrees, promoting an ergonomic eating position that reduces neck, shoulder, and hip strain. It features a large 420ml capacity, is made from durable, food-grade, non-toxic PC material, and is easy to clean. The wide-angle opening suits pets of all sizes, and the raised design aids in easier swallowing, reducing the risk of choking and vomiting. With a stable, non-slip base and high-quality frosted appearance, this bowl keeps feeding areas cleaner and safer for your pet.

  • Ergonomic eating position
  • Elevated pet bowls
  • No Slip dog bowl
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  • Ergonomic Eating Position:  Adjustable angle from 0 to 22 degrees to prevent pet cervical spine problems from bending the head down into the food bowl. Pets can eat in a more natural, comfortable position, reducing the stress on their neck, shoulders, and hips. A perfect adjustable elevated dog and cat feeding bowls for home and travel. 
  • Capacity: Large capacity of 420ml to meet the dietary needs of pets.
  • Non-toxic material: Made of food-grade PC material, safe and non-toxic, with temperature resistance from -20°C to 150°C.
  • Durability: This elevated pet bowls for dogs and cats is sturdy, shock-resistant, and easy to clean.
  • Wide-angle opening: Design suitable for pets with different mouth shapes. Large breeds of pets benefit significantly as they don’t have to lower their head as much, which can be uncomfortable and straining.
  • Raised Pet Bowls: This tilted dog-cat food bowl helps pets swallow more easily, as they don’t have to bend their necks as much, which can reduce the risk of choking and vomiting. The enlarged 18cm base is stable and not easily tipped over. With the raised edges to contain spills/droplets. Adding water to the base can prevent ants. Elevated dog and cat feeding bowls tend to keep feeding areas cleaner as they are less likely to be knocked over, and they reduce the likelihood of food and water spilling onto the floor.
  • No Slip Dog Bowl: The silicone cushion on the button increases friction, preventing slipping and overturning. Non-slip dog bowls are effective on various floor types, including tile, hardwood, and carpet, ensuring they stay in place regardless of the surface.
  • Style: The Ibiyaya raised dog food bowl has a high-quality frosted appearance. A frosted appearance design combines aesthetic and practical benefits, making it a popular choice in various design and architectural applications.
  • Safety: Smooth edges and no detachable small parts that could pose a choking hazard to your pet.
  • Material: Food-grade PC
  • Capacity: 420ml at 0°, 250ml at 22° (depending on bowl angle)
  • Temperature resistance: -20°C to 150°C
  • Net weight: 236g
  • Size: L18 W18 H8.8 cm
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