Grand Cruiser Large Dog Stroller, 4-Wheel Foldable Big Dog Pram for Large Breeds, Senior & Injured Pets

The Grand Cruiser Large Dog Stroller is designed with a low chassis and is compatible with a special ramp (available for additional purchase) for your pet to easily get on and off. It also comes with an anti-fall canopy opening, making it easy for large and senior dogs to access this senior dog wagon stroller!

Thanks to its interier POE (Polyolefin elastomer) air fiber cushion, pets are protected from fatigue even when lying down inside the injured-senior dog wagon for long periods.

With its advanced features, the Grand Cruiser dog wagon for senior dogs is definitely a must-have for large-sized senior and injured pets. It’s specially designed to provide the highest level of comfort and guaranteed easy access to your lovable four-legged friends!



  • Suitable for all ages: This Ibiyaya stroller wagon for senior dogs is suitable for the elderly, dogs with arthritis, disabled, anxiety-prone pets that dislike enclosed spaces and are high above the ground, large breed dogs, or multiple cats and dogs.
  • Low chassis: The 8-inch front wheels and 11-inch rear wheels are designed with a super low chassis, only 23cm off the ground, increasing the sense of security for anxious pets and making it easier to go on and off the stroller wagon for senior dogs or sick pets.
  • Stroller ramp: The “Accessible Dog Ramp and Dirt-resistant ramp cover” is available for purchase. The heavy-duty wooden ramp surface is waterproof and slip-resistant, helping pets get on and off the stroller by themselves, and protecting their spines. Please detach the ramp when folding the dog wagons for large senior dogs, and when not in use, it can be stored at the rear of the cabin and attach the dirt-resistant ramp cover to isolate pets from dirt on the ramp.
  • Elevator-friendly: The dog wagon frame has a width of 80cm when unfolded, suitable for the elevator width of general residential buildings and shopping malls.


  • SGS Compliant Materials: Utilizes materials that have passed the Environmental Crack Test, ensuring durability and safety. Additionally, the manufacturing process adheres to ISO standards, guaranteeing a high level of quality and environmental responsibility.
  • Elastic tires: The Grand Cruiser stroller wagon for dogs with arthritis comes with airless rubber-plastic tires that offer excellent slip resistance, durability, and elasticity.
  • Eco-friendly fabric: The fabric of this senior dog wagon with ramp uses 600D PET recycled yarn, free of heavy metals and carcinogens, resistant to UV and mold, quick-drying and water-resistant. The honeycomb fabric of the inner pad uses 300D waterless primary draw yarn, which is durable and fade-resistant after washing, promoting energy-saving and environmental protection.


  • POE cushion: The inner pad uses top-grade 4D air fiber with a thickness of up to 6 cm. Its high-elasticity provides support and protection for your pet’s spine, helping to alleviate fatigue from long periods of lying down. These foldable dog wagons for senior dogs have anti-slip bottom conforms to the pet’s body during travel, reducing the shaking and providing comfort for your pet.
  • Quick-release wheels: The four wheels can be quickly removed for easy cleaning and maintenance. The cabin dog wagons for large senior dogs can transform into a home playpen or a sleeping area during travel when the wheels are removed.
  • One-touch buckle: The buckle design of the opening allows for quick access to the interior. The top of the canopy of the dog wagons for senior dogs can be fully opened for use as an open-top pet stroller.
  • Ergonomic design: The Ibiyaya dog wagons for senior dogs have a two-level handle that can be adjusted according to the user’s height and habits, and can be completely folded when not in use.
  • Stand-alone folding: The stroller frame has a foot stand design that allows it to stand independently when folded, without leaning against a wall. The thickness of the folded senior dog wagon with ramp is only 19 cm, making it suitable for placement in a car trunk.
  • Sun-proof skylight: Multiple openings at the front, top, and rear, with full-screen mesh windows providing good ventilation and visibility. The denser skylight mesh of this large wagon for old dogs provides excellent sun protection.
  • Easy to clean: Ibiyaya’s stroller wagon for old dogs has water-resistant fabric that can be wiped clean. The fabric can be quickly removed for hand washing and air drying. The inner pad has an exclusive holder design at the four corners to secure the diaper and prevent it from moving. The POE core is washable.


  • Safety features: The canopy can also be locked at any angle, and with the slow-descend safety feature, you can operate it with one hand to avoid rapidly falling and injuring the pet.
  • Safety equipment: The stroller’s cabin is equipped with a safety tether and a double brake system on the rear wheels. Reflective strips on the side of the wagons for dogs with arthritis provide safety for nighttime outings.
  • Multiple storages: Ibiyaya’s dog stroller for big dogs has hidden pockets on both sides inside the cabin that can hold essentials for both owners and pets like portable power banks, ice packs, and pee pads. Cup holders and enlarged storage pockets at the rear achieve a hands-free experience.

What client say

Check out this large dog stroller that is perfect for all types of dogs, especially those with mobility problems or senior dogs.

The first thing I like about this stroller is the air fiber core that provides maximum comfort for your pup. And we all know comfort is always high on the list! It is also very lightweight and easy to fold, making it convenient for storing and taking it in and out of the car.

The slow-close feature is also a huge plus as it prevents any harm to your dog’s tails or legs. And the open-top canopy provides ample sunlight and fresh air for your dog, making it a great choice for walks outside.
The cross-shaped potty pad holder is another handy feature that ensures your dog stays comfortable and safe while using the stroller. And the eco-friendly stroller fabric is non-toxic and metal-free, making it safe for your pet and the environment.

There is also a stroller ramp and dirt shield that you can buy separately, and it’s for dogs who can’t get on and off the stroller by themselves.

This large dog stroller is an excellent choice for all pet owners who want to provide their dogs with the best possible care and comfort.


I got this stroller for my dog because we do everything together, but she is on crate rest for 8 weeks post knee surgery. I love it because it’s portable, feels durable, and my dog seems really comfy in it.

 There are enough pockets for all of our stuff and I like that I can zip it up for full security or open the top so my dog can get a better view when I’m pushing her around.

Christine Hilberg
What is the capacity of this large dog Stroller?

This stroller has a recommended weight limit of 50kg or 110 lbs.

Yes, as long as the total weight of the pets don’t exceed from its weight limit.

Ibiyaya sells spare parts for all pet strollers, including this model. Give us your complete address, and we will send you an estimate of the cost of transportation and the selling price.

  • Recommended weight limit: 50kg
  • Net Weight: 17kg
  • Cabin dimension: L82 W56 H60 cm
  • The height from the ground to the stroller cabin floor: 22.5cm
  • Overall dimension: L100 W80 H108 cm
  • Folded dimension: L105 W80 H42 cm
  • Folded dimension (excluding the wheels): L100 W70 H26
  • Inner Cushion dimension L81 W55 H6 cm
  • Accessories: Safety tether x2 and POE inner cushion




  • Use cold water and mild soap to give the entire fabric area and canopy a good cleaning with a damp cloth.
  • With a dry towel, wipe away excess water and soap.
  • When not in use, please store this injured-senior dog stroller in a place where it is protected from moisture, direct sunlight, and rain.
  • If you have any other questions, please contact
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