Happy Pet Bike Trailer-Jogger 2.0 Foldable 3-Wheel Medium Pet Stroller-Trailer Combo for Running, Jogging & Hiking


The 2-in-1 Happy Pet Bike Trailer-Stroller  is a premium-quality stroller that is ideal for transporting your animal companion along with you on extended outings or travels. This stroller has a sturdy design that allows it to accommodate pets weighing up to 30 kilograms (66 pounds) when it is being used as a pet stroller and up to 25 kilograms (55 pounds) as a trailer, and it has a spacious interior that provides plenty of room for your pet to stretch out and relax.

The Happy dog bike wagon-stroller also comes with a number of practical features, such as a comfortable handlebar grip, a front zip that allows for easy access, and a rear zip that allows for storage. In addition to that, a bike tow bar is included with the stroller. The Happy Pet Bicycle Trailer-Stroller is the ideal solution for any trip, whether you are looking for a way to keep your pet active or simply want to take them along on your next excursion.

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Experience different speeds of adventure with Happy Pet Bike Trailer-Jogger 2.0

Top benefits for pet parents

Pawsome design for your fur babies

Swift and Secure

Fast braking system

Product Recognition
  • Spend some active time with your pet: This top-of-the-line stroller has a design that is both durable and heavy-duty, making it ideal for activities such as jogging or taking your dog on a bike ride. It can accommodate a single large dog or multiple small animals. The bike tow bar and the rain cover are both included at no additional cost as part of the package deal. Because it is simple to steer and offers a generous amount of storage space, the dog bike wagon is an excellent choice for those who want to bring their pets along on fun adventures.
  • Built for Adventure: The Happy Pet Bike Trailer-Jogger 2.0 is constructed from durable materials, making it an excellent choice for dogs of medium and large size who enjoy going on adventures. The stroller is simple to steer and features a simple and straightforward braking mechanism that can be activated with just one touch.
  • Built with Care and Deliberation: The Ibiyaya 2-in-1 pet stroller and bike trailer was created with the wellbeing of your pet as the primary focus. The interior is roomy, and it’s simple to fold up and put away when not in use. In addition, there are two safety tethers that come standard with the stroller to keep your pet safe. The chassis of the pet bicycle trailer-stroller is constructed from durable materials that are non-hazardous to your pet and friendly to the natural world. Your pet will be cozy and protected for many years to come thanks to a fabric that is resistant to water and is long-lasting. It is not only ideal for the safety and comfort of your pet, but it is also good for the environment. The puncture-proof, pet-safe EVA front wheels and bicycle air-filled back wheels are sturdy and would not need to be replaced frequently.
  • Interior with Abundant Space: Your pet will have plenty of room to stretch out and relax inside the Happy Pet Bicycle Trailer-Jogger 2.0 due to the trailer’s roomy interior design. The stroller also comes equipped with a number of practical features, such as dual entry at the front and back of the stroller, as well as a large opening on top for when pets want to look out at the scenery.
  • Detachable Bike Tow Bar: A bike tow bar that can be detached is included with the stroller. The detachable bike tow bar is an excellent accessory to have if you are looking for a way to keep your pet active or if you simply want to bring them along with you on your bike rides. The stroller already includes the bike tow bar at no additional cost to you.
  • Excellent visibility as well as ventilation: Your pet will be able to take in the surroundings while remaining comfortable thanks to the Happy pet bike wagon-high Jogger’s level of ventilation and excellent visibility. Your pet will have an unobstructed view thanks to the mesh windows, and fresh air will be able to circulate thanks to the vents. This pet stroller has mesh on all four sides and an extra-large opening at the very top, making it perfect for canines and felines that enjoy keeping an eye on their surroundings from above and below.
  • Adjustable Handlebar: The handlebar on the stroller can be adjusted to a comfortable height for users of varying heights, making it suitable for a wide range of people.
  • Easy to Fold and Store: Because it is so simple to fold up and put away, the Happy Bicycle Dog Wagon and Stroller combo is ideal for traveling with or keeping in a limited amount of space at home. The Ibiyaya best pet bike trailer and stroller is capable of collapsing into a space-saving shape that makes it convenient for transporting or storing in the home.
  • Protective Measures: The stroller-bike wagon for dogs comes equipped with a variety of safety features, such as a one-touch brake system and two tethers for attaching pets. With the one-touch brake system, there is no need to press two brake pads at the same time; instead, you only need to take one step on either side to engage the brakes for both sides.
  • Easy maneuverability: Because of the stroller’s large wheels, it is simple to steer in any direction. The front wheel of the 2-in-1 pet stroller-bike trailer can also rotate through a full 360 degrees, which makes it very easy to maneuver the trailer through confined spaces and around sharp turns. The air-filled rear tires and puncture-resistant EVA front wheel make this durable pet stroller suitable for use on any surface and completely risk-free for your animal companions.
  • Be ready for any trip: The Happy large dog wagon for bike has a huge  storage space in the back, which is ideal for holding food bowls, toys, and other items that you or your child might require while out for a walk. Additionally, it provides two bottle holders for you to use with your beverages.
  • Your ideal medium pet trailer for bike: For those looking for a product that is at the top of its class, the Happy Pet Wagon for Bike is an excellent option for transporting a medium-sized dog or multiple pets at once. It can withstand repeated use, it is simple to maneuver, and it provides a large amount of storage space. In addition to that, it features an easy-to-activate brake system that only requires one touch.
  • Available Colors: Latte and ocean blue are the colors available for this pet bike trailer and stroller.
  • CATALOG: To download Ibiyaya’s product catalog on your device, please visit this page.


What client say

So very happy I purchased this bike dog wagon-stroller for our long walks. Plenty of ventilation. There’s nothing NOT to like although a bit pricey, but very well made and light enough for transporting in and out of the car (SUV). Collapses very easily. Pockets for various items we take with us as well as our water bottles.

Hopefully, have many years ahead of us to enjoy our walks. As you can see by the pic, both of us are pleased. My little guy can do 4 out of a possible 6 mile walk.. so this bicycle wagon for dogs is great to have with us.

Bonnie Roberts

We got this for our new puppy so we could take him for walks safely, until he is fully vaccinated. And also so he can stay safe and relax if we’re at big events. It assembled very easily and was well protected. It arrives virtually fully assembled. You just need to pump up the tires and connect them. It’s very high quality – looks great and rolls and steers effortlessly. The brakes work well and are easy to apply and release. Handy pockets on the back side for drinks, pens. Trash bags, treats, keys etc. I did a lot of research on other bike dog wagon-stroller combo before deciding on this one, which was double the price of another in our short list.

Ultimately we decided on this one as it’s narrow enough to roll through a doorway, and compact / short/ lighter for me to use. I am 4’8” and my husband is 5’8” so the height of the handle was a big consideration. I can push it fine in the lowest position, but I do wish it would click down into one more position and inch or two lower for additional comfort.  

Marc and Julie B. | RVLove

We absolutely love our Ibiyaya pet strollers and have gotten so much use out of them in the last year since we got our dog. We purchased the Cleo Travel System and the Happy Pet Trail Jogger. We love how easily we can take the Cleo apart for traveling purposes and the Jogger handles like a dream – so lightweight and easy to maneuver. We were even able to attach a travel fan to the Jogger for hot days. The storage compartments on both strollers are great as well. Leon is a Frenchie and walks in short intervals, so having our Ibiyaya strollers has been so helpful. Finally, we appreciate how chic and high quality the strollers are. Our go-to brand for sure!

Where can I buy replacement wheels for this dog bike trailer?

The wheels of this dog bike trailer and stroller are the same as regular bike wheels that can be purchased from any bike store. The size and air pressure specifications are embossed in the rubber.

The recommended tire pressure for this model is 40 PSI.

Ibiyaya sells spare parts for all pet strollers, including this model. Give us your complete address, and we will send you an estimate of the cost of transportation and the selling price.

  • Recommended Weight Limit: 30kg; 66lbs
  • Net Weight.: 14kg; 31lbs
  • Carriage Dimensions: L69 W44 H62 (cm); L27 W17 H24 (in)
  • Stroller Dimensions: L88 W63 H106.5 (cm); L35 W25 H42 (in)
  • Folded Dimensions: L50.5 W25 H82.5 (cm); L20 W10 H33 (in)
  • Use cold water and mild soap to give the entire fabric area and canopy a good cleaning with a damp cloth.
  • With a dry towel, wipe away excess water and soap.
  • When not in use, please store this double pet stroller in a place where it is protected from moisture, direct sunlight, and rain.
  • If you have any other questions, please contact pet@ibiyaya.com
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