The Hercules Heavy-Duty Pro Pet Stroller-Bike Trailer, 3-Wheel Foldable Jogging, Hiking, All-Terrain Extra-Large Dog Stroller


You’ll never have to leave your dogs alone at home again, even for a bike ride, with the Ibiyaya Hercules Heavy Duty Pro Pet Stroller-Trailer 2.0! You can bike on any terrain and enjoy a smooth, bump-free ride thanks to the puncture-free EVA and pneumatic tires. Whether you’re concerned about your pets being old, fatigued, or too small for extended walks, or simply want to keep their paws from scorching on the hot pavement, the Hercules large dog bike trailer-stroller is the answer. The

Hercules 2.0 is the ideal choice of transportation for your large dogs or pet family, with 360⁰ spinning front wheel, safety auto-lock sliders, full ventilation, and water-resistant design. Not to mention the amount of space!


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The ultimate companion for your large furiend

Top benefits for pet parents

Pet Stroller-Bike Trailer Combo

Pawsome design for your fur babies

Swift and Secure


  • Heavy-duty Dog Stroller: The Hercules 2.0 dog bike trailer for large dog is built of tough, long-lasting materials that can carry a large dog or many small to medium-sized dogs. It can hold up to 50 kg (110 pounds) of weight! The Hercules 2.0 is designed for long-term use and can withstand daily use in a variety of environments.
  • Sturdy Construction: The stroller’s frame is built of heavy-duty metal that can withstand wear and tear. The fabric is also water-resistant, so your pet will be comfortable and safe whether you go for a simple walk in the rain or a jog on the beach. There’s also no need to be concerned about punctures because the front wheel is made of puncture-proof, pet-safe EVA material, while the rear wheels are rubber. 
  • Spacious: Your pet can walk around freely in the Hercules 2.0 large dog trailer for bike. Your pet will have plenty of area to stretch out and take in the sights, with dimensions of 100 cm (height) x 83 cm (width) x 105 cm (long). There’s even room for you to bring some supplies if you need them!
  • 360⁰ Rotating Wheel: The Hercules 2.0’s  front wheel can swivel 360 degrees, making it simple to navigate tight places and sharp corners. The wheels are also composed of puncture-resistant EVA material, making them sturdy and safe for your pets on any terrain.
  • Ergonomically Constructed: This heavy-duty large dog bicycle trailer-stroller is ergonomically built for the comfort of both you and your pet. It’s been meticulously designed to make pushing it simple for you and comfortable for your pet. The large canopy will shield your pet from the sun and rain, while the wide interior will allow them to remain comfortable as you walk around. Even when your pet is extra-large, the soft padded handlebar makes it easy to push. The handle is adjustable to fit your height, and there are safety tethers to keep your pet secure. This extra-large dog bike trailer-stroller also has 2-Level handlebar heights: simply press and pull to remove wheels and fold the stroller all at once.
  • Storage Areas: On the back of the stroller, there is a storage box that is ideal for carrying supplies, leashes, or food and water bowls. When not in use, this compartment can also be used to store the supplied rain cover.
  • Prioritize safety: Two safety tethers are included with the extra-large dog bike trailer-stroller to keep your pet safe while in the stroller. Even if you keep the mesh cover open so your pet can enjoy the scenery, these tethers tie directly to your pet’s harness, ensuring that your pet won’t be able to escape or go very far. The stroller’s wheels make it easy to maneuver, and the rear brakes keep it in place when you want to stop at a location. This heavy-duty dog stroller trailer also has quick brakes and reflectors in the spokes to keep you and your pet safe in low-light situations.
  • Your Pets Will Be As Relaxed As Possible: The extra-large dog bike wagon-stroller is not only roomy and sturdy, but it’s also designed with your pet’s comfort in mind. Even on lengthy walks or bike rides, your pet will be comfortable thanks to the padded interior and adjustable tethers.
  • Good ventilation is essential: The extra large dog trailer-stroller has plenty of ventilation to keep your pet cool inside. The front and side mesh windows provide for plenty of ventilation, and the optional rain cover may be swiftly deployed if necessary.
  • Suitable for Any Weather: The stroller is also water-resistant, allowing it to be used in all types of weather. Your pet will be warm and safe inside the Hercules large dog wagon for bike, whether it’s a hot summer day or a freezing winter morning. A rain cover is offered to keep your pet secure and dry even if you’re hiking through a wet mountain or it’s raining.
  • Folds and Stores Easily: The Hercules bicycle wagon for dogs is  simple to fold and store. When not in use, its build allows it to be easily stored in a closet or garage, and the supplied carrying strap makes it simple to transfer.
  • Your Pet’s Second Home: Your pet will feel right at home in this spacious dog bike trailer for large breed dogs, whether you’re taking an SUV trip or just hanging out at home. Simply take off the wheels and fill it with your pet’s favorite comfort items (such as a blanket, stuffed animal, or calming treats) to create a safe haven, whether within or outside the house.
  • Bike with Your Dogs or Cats: You may take your pet for a relaxing bike ride through the park or countryside with the bike tow bar. The Hercules large dog wagon for bike is designed to be used with a bike tow bar that can be purchased separately, making it simple and convenient to exercise with your pet.
  • Two safety tethers are included, as well as a rain cover.
  • CATALOG: To download Ibiyaya’s product catalog on your device, please visit this page.

What client say

Our beautiful Husky/Golden cross recently underwent an amputation of a front leg. Although she is recovering well, it made us very sad that she could no longer accompany us on long walks. This electric bike dog trailer-stroller combo totally solved our problem and Lady Neela LOVES it. She can hop in anytime she needs a rest and you can tell she feels like Queen of the Road while riding in it. She is a 90 lb dog and it holds her easily. The electric bike dog trailer-troller pushes easily and maneuvers well even on dirt paths. We navigate a lot of hills and the brakes work great too. My husband had some doubts about whether or not a dog would tolerate riding as a passenger but he doubts no longer.

We couldn’t be happier because Neela is so obviously pleased. I am very glad we paid a little more for a heavy-duty stroller-trailer with bigger wheels. We also bought the recommended pad and in my opinion it is necessary if you will be traveling on rough roads. Thank you, thank you to Ibiyaya!


I began looking for a new  stroller-wagon combo because my other model was very difficult to push and turn. I stumbled across ibiyaya while searching. I decided to take a chance after reading the only review at the time and looking further on their website and Instagram account.

Their website considers a golden retriever a medium sized dog and it shows two of them in one dog bike wagon for 2 dogs, so I knew it would be perfect for our two English Bulldogs that have a combined weight of 105lbs.

This 2 dog bike wagon-stroller has more than enough room for our two dogs inside. They love to stand near the edge and look out, but there is room for them to both lie down as well.

Assembly of dog bike wagon for 2 dogs was simple and took less than ten minutes. The only requirement is putting on the 3 tires and adding a little more air using a bicycle pump. It folds easily and comes with a rain cover.
It is so easy to push and can be done single handed. The only negative is I wish I would have known about this before ever purchasing the one we had without big inflatable tires that did not fold!

Lee Anne

Most Awesome Large Breed Dog Bike Trailer-Stroller Ever!

Our 8.5 year old Black Lab who suffers from severe arthritis in his joints will never be left behind in our pack walks anyone! Our Connor is 91.5 lbs and can lie down with his head and front paws hanging out the front. Strongly recommend ordering the doggie pad that fits the Ibiyaya Husky dog wagon for bike! Super easy to put together and no problems at all pumping air into all 3 tires. Amazingly stable on strolls, no problem of flipping over at all on street surfaces. (My other three labs are actually bigger than Connor, they need to build a XXL for bigger dogs)

Husky for slightly bigger and longer dogs in the future! This old dog wagon-stroller is made of high quality and worth the money! Very helpful videos on assembly on the Ibiyaya website too!

Highly Recommend!!!!!

What is the appropriate tire pressure for the Hercules Heavy-Duty Pet Stroller?

The recommended tire pressure for this model is 40 PSI.

Yes, it maintains its shape. It’s very durable as its sides and bottom use a hard plastic shell. The shell is wrapped in another material that helps the product hold its form and prevent it from collapsing.

Ibiyaya sells spare parts for all pet strollers, including this model. Give us your complete address, and we will send you an estimate of the cost of transportation and the selling price.

  • Recommended Weight Limit: 50KG/110lbs
  • N.W.: 18KG/40lbs
  • Cabin Dimension: L84 W60 H62 (cm); L33 W24 H24 (in)
  • Stroller Dimension: L100 W83 H105 (cm); L39 W33 H41 (in)
  • Folded Dimension: L95 W68 H24 (cm); L37 W28 H9.5 (in)
  • Use cold water and mild soap to give the entire fabric area and canopy a good cleaning with a damp cloth.
  • With a dry towel, wipe away excess water and soap.
  • When not in use, please store this double pet stroller in a place where it is protected from moisture, direct sunlight, and rain.
  • If you have any other questions, please contact
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