The Hercules Heavy Duty Pro Pet Stroller 2.0


SKU: FS2180-YG Gray

With the Ibiyaya Hercules Heavy Duty Pro Pet Stroller 2.0, you will never have to leave your pets at home alone again, even for a bike ride! Equipped with puncture-free EVA and pneumatic tires, you can ride on any terrain type and enjoy a comfortable, bump-less trip. Whether you are worried about your pets getting old, tired, too little for long walks, or just preventing the hot pavement from burning their paws, the Hercules stroller is there for you. From 360⁰ rotating front wheel, safety auto-lock sliders, to full ventilation and water-resistant design, the Hercules 2.0 is the best choice of transport for your large dogs or pet family. Not to mention how spacious it is!




Tag: 3 Wheel Dog Stroller, Large Dog Stroller, Multiple Pet Stroller


HEAVY-DUTY PET STROLLER: Supports up to 50kg (110lbs); Designed for large dogs or multiple small to medium dogs.

SPACIOUS INTERIOR: Optimal height and width for large dogs to sit or lie down comfortably while you stroll the day away.

MAXIMUM AIRFLOW: Features large mesh windows in the front, top, and back for excellent and proper airflow, temperature control, and ease of access. Use the front window for views, top window for your dogs to stick their heads out, and the back window to get a view of them.

DURABLE AND COMFY: Utilizes punctual-free EVA and pneumatic tires with high-level shock absorption for a comfortable ride even on a bumpy terrain. The front tire rotates at 360 degrees for you to easily change direction and navigation.

EASILY FOLD AND STORE: Hercules dog stroller has 2-Level handlebar heights, simply press & pull to uninstall wheels and fold the stroller in one go.

MUST-HAVE SAFETY FEATURES: Designed with auto-lock sliders that prevent your pet from accidentally unzipping the zippers. Includes safety tethers, quick brakes, and reflectors in the spokes to protect you and your pet during dark conditions.

WATER-RESISTANT FABRIC: The fabric is breathable and permeable yet resistant to splash and very easy to clean with water.

BIKE WITH YOUR PET: You can bike with your pet with our specially designed tow bar to connect the stroller to your bike. Available for purchase as an add-on. The Hercules model is the perfect large dog carrier for bikes.

SNACKS & SUPPLIES STORAGE: Comes with a rear storage bag for you to store everything you and your pets need!


Tag: 3 Wheel Dog Stroller, Large Dog Stroller

Recommended Weight Limit: 50.0KG/110.0lbs
N.W.: 18.1KG/39.9lbs
Cabin Dimension: L84 W60 H62 (cm); L33.1 W23.6 H24.4 (in)
Stroller Dimension: L100 W83 H105 (cm); L39.4 W32.7 H41.3 (in)
Folded Dimension: L95 W68 H24 (cm); L37.4 W27 H9.4 (in)
Accessories: Safety tether x2 / Raincover

Using cold water and mild soap to give the entire fabric area and canopy a good cleaning with a damp cloth.
With a dry towel, wipe away excess water and soap.
Let the fabric air dry in a warm place, but not in direct sunlight.