Ibiyaya Hide-Out Cat Scratching Post, Triangle Cardboard Cat Scratcher, Portable & Luxury Scratcher Board

Looking for a triangle cardboard cat scratcher pad that will keep your cat occupied for hours? For your cherished furry friend, we provide the purrfect cat scratching post.

This slanted cat scratcher has two corrugated scratching pads and a hemp rope on top. It can also be used at the bottom or on one side to create an L-shaped structure out of the triangular pad. In case of wearing out, the top and sides can be purchased individually if needed. Includes one pack of catnip as well as anti-slip stoppers.

By providing a variety of options, this device gives curious cats a thrilling scratching experience. With Ibiyaya’s brand-new Hide-Out luxury cat scratcher pad, you may give your cat the joy of endless scratching!

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  • Perfect for Playful Cats: The Ibiyaya Hide-Out Scratching Pad is ideal for playful cats since it gives your cat a variety of fascinating scratching options. Your cat will have plenty of things to play with, hide in, and scratch on with its triangular or L-shaped sides and hemp rope on top.
  • Hemp Rope on Top: Some cats prefer the hemp rope on top of the cat triangle scratcher than corrugated boards since it gives your cat a completely different scratching experience.
  • Double-Sided Slanted Cat Scratcher: With corrugated boards on both sides of the luxury cat scratcher, you can give your cats even more places to scratch.
  • Various Shape Combinations: This decorative and luxury cat scratcher pad can be placed in either a triangle or an L-shape. This makes it possible for your cat to utilize the 3 sided cat scratcher in a variety of ways, adding to the enjoyment.
  • Durable and Long-Lasting: Well-constructed from a wooden triangle base, corrugated cardboard sides, and hemp rope on top, this triangle cardboard cat scratcher is long-lasting and durable.
  • Replaceable Parts: The top and sides are scratch-resistant and are available individually if needed. The triangular post keeps the other components in place and is also easy to change if necessary.
  • Anti-slip: Your cat’s scratching experience will be pleasurable, sturdy, and safe thanks to the anti-slip stoppers that come with the Ibiyaya triangle cardboard cat scratcher.
  • Catnip Included: Included is a pack of catnip that may be sprinkled on the posts to make the experience even more enjoyable.
  • Your cat’s new playmate: The Hide-Out Scratching Pad, your cat’s new friend, provides active cats with a thrilling scratching experience thanks to its range of options. Your cat can hide and play there as well. It’s a fantastic option for cat parents because it’s strong, repairable, and simple to maintain. We added a pack of catnip to make this an decorative cat scratcher pad because we also adore our feline companions.
  • Happy scratching!

Net Weight: 2.9kg

Dimensions L53 W33 H48 (cm) Do not store in damp, direct sunlight, rain, etc.
The surface can be cleaned with a cloth. The hair can be cleaned with depilatory products.
Regularly check the function of the product to avoid friction and collision

The above is the basic cleaning and maintenance method, if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

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