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SKU: FC2030-FF  Organic Fruit

Ever bought your kitty cat a premium pet product only to find your fur baby ignoring it altogether in favor of a box?

All cat moms who have tried have been there. So… why not make cat products specifically feel LIKE a box? The Ibiyaya Kraft Pa-purr Carrier did just that.

It goes by different names: Kraft paper fabric, Kraft-Tex, leather paper, etc. Basically, the Ibiyaya Kraft Pa-purr Carrier is made of lightweight, washable, high tear resistance Kraft paper.

Cruelty-free and made of biodegradable natural fiber, it has become a favorite leather and fabric alternative among eco-conscious consumers.

With the Ibiyaya Kraft Pa-purr Carrier, you can stylishly bring your beloved cat along with you in their very own home away from home.

◆ A pet bag tailored specifically for cats, hand-sewn with special cat-favorite Kraft Paper.
◆ Made of environmentally friendly materials that are naturally decomposable and animal-friendly.
◆ Lightweight like paper, wear-and-tear-resistant like leather.
◆ Washing will create a leather-like retro look, giving each bag a unique texture.
◆ The opening can be completely closed to provide cats with a sense of security.
◆ A highly breathable mesh window is thick and scratch-resistant, equipped with a locking zipper and anti-escape safety buckle.
◆ Comes with removable odor-resistant padding that can be washed repeatedly and cleaned and dried naturally.
◆ Can also be used as a paper nest at home, removing the need to store cardboard boxes that take up space.

※ Due to the characteristics of paper materials, there may be some wrinkles from production, which will not affect appearance and use.

Colors Available:   ▉ Seafood MarketOrganic Fruit

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