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Your Versatile Travel Companion – Transform, Carry, and Glide with Ease!

Meet Ibiyaya’s Neorider Stroller, the perfect mix of flexibility and handiness for today’s travelers. It easily changes from a pet stroller to a small wagon for dog and cat, and even a trendy pet car carrier thanks to its smart design. This small, fold-up stroller-wagon that stands on its own is great for people always out and about, and it’s even good for fast train trips.

  • 3-in-1 small pet wagon-stroller and carrier combo
  • Perfect as a Corgi and Dachshund Stroller

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  • Multi-functional: This item neatly brings together a pet stroller, puppy or small dog wagon, and car pet carrier, changing easily for different situations.
  • Great for public travel: With its detachable pet carrier, it’s compatible with public transportation systems. Plus, when used in cars, it securely buckles in, serving as a pet car seat booster.
  • Easy to pull: In small dog wagon mode, you can tow it with one hand, and it’s smaller for easy moving in tight spots. It’s steady on bumpy ground thanks to a low center of gravity.
  • Folds with one hand: You can fold the NeoRider Multi-Purpose Detachable Pet Stroller in three seconds flat. When folded, its thin 30cm stroller frame can slide under a car seat or fit in a trunk. It stands up on its own when folded, no wall needed.
  • Light frame: The trendy flat-tube aluminum frame is only 6.7kg and can hold up to 12kg. The leather handle means a comfy, sure hold.
  • Spacious carrier: The roomy cabin is just right for Corgis and Dachshund stroller carriers or even other small-breed pets.
  • Tough mesh window: The NeoRider pet wagon stroller has an inside nylon mesh and an outside air-flow mesh. This two-layer bit is tough and also good for pets like cats and bunnies.
  • Easy to get in: NeoRider small dog or puppy wagon has an L-shaped, two-stage big opening with a stronger front part, giving pets top-notch comfort and keeping the bag from folding in.
  • Lots of fresh air: The air-flow mesh windows on all sides are just the thing for pets that don’t like heat, especially in the hot season.
  • Folds up neat: You can take it apart completely with take-off zippers, and it’s only 11cm thick when folded.
  • Puts together quickly: A new attachment design ensures quick assembly and disassembly of the bag.
  • Hard side parts: The NeoRider small dog-cat wagon stroller is made from suitcase-grade APET, the bag’s side parts are hardy and keep things private with a see-through frosted look.
  • Neat look: The trolley folds up neatly, stored under the frame for a tidy look with no extra bulk.
  • Wheels come off quick: The quick-off feature makes cleaning simple, and the Rubber-Plastic wheels keep up and soak up shocks.
  • Safe and sound: Comes with an auto-locking zipper that locks, safety tethers inside, a shock-eater system on all four wheels, and two brakes on the back wheels for a ride that’s safe and steady.
  • Storage plus: NeoRider small dog or puppy wagon has a back pocket for storing stuff fast and a bigger basket underneath for more storage on the move.
  • Cleans easy: Fights water and features unique cross-shaped rubber port holes on the liner to secure pet diapers in place, keeping things super clean.
Is this an airline-approved pet carrier?

This pet carrier is bigger than what is accepted by SouthWest and American Airlines. It’s always best to check the pet carrier guidelines of the airline you are flying with.

Yes, it best fits two small cats.

Yes. For additional information, email us at

  • Recommended weight limit: 13.5 kg or 30 lbs
  • Net weight: 9.2 kg (Carrier 2.5 kg / Frame 6.7 kg) or  20 lbs(Carrier 5.5 lbs / Frame 14.77 lbs)
  • Cabin dimensions: L55 W38 H38 (cm) or  L21 W15 H15 (inches)
  • Carrier dimensions: L55 W38 H11 (cm) or  L21 W15 H4 (inches)
  • Expanded dimensions: L86 W59 H103 (cm)  or L34 W23 H41 (inches)
  • Storage dimensions: L59 W30 H74 (cm) or L12 W23 H29 (inches)
  • Tire material: Rubber (6-inch front wheel / 7-inch rear wheel)
  • Accessories: 1 Safety Tether, 1 Hygiene Pad
  • Add on: L-sized rain cover


  • Use cold water and mild soap to give the entire fabric area and canopy a good cleaning with a damp cloth.
  • With a dry towel, wipe away excess water and soap.
  • When not in use, please store this small dog wagon in a place where it is protected from moisture, direct sunlight, and rain.
  • If you have any other questions, please contact


NeoRider Multi-purpose Detachable Pet Stroller - Silver Mist
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