Ibiyaya Plateau Cat Scratching Pad, Best Horizontal Carboard Cat Scratch Pads for Kitten and Large Cat


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Want to keep your cat happy and healthy while doing something fun and interesting? For your cat, the Ibiyaya Plateau Cat Scratching Pad is the purrfect accessory! For the most enjoyable cat scratching experience, this thrilling scratching mat is composed of corrugated cardboard.

The wavy curve of it will ensure that your cat is content and comfortable as they scratch. Additionally, it has a bohemian concept, allowing you to blend it with various home styles to give your house a distinctive appearance. The cardboard scratch pad’s dimensions are ideal for your cat to relax on as they take a break from their hectic day. Cleaning up after use is simple because the scratching pad’s base gathers all scratching residue and has a splash-proof foundation.

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  • The Most Satisfying Cat-Scratching Experience: This is the best cat scratching pad that provides your feline buddy with the most enjoyable scratching experience.
  • Wavy Shape: Your cat will be comfortable and content while scratching on the cat scratch pad for floor or couch because of the wavy shape, which has no sharp edges or turns.
  • Double-Sided Construction: Your cat can choose between two different scratching experiences thanks to the scratching pad’s two distinct shapes—one side is wavy, the other flat. Your cats will have additional options thanks to the item’s dual-sided design, which also makes the item last longer.
  • Strong Build: Made of corrugated cardboard with a durable foundation, the cardboard scratching pad can survive rough use and last for a very long time.
  • Stays in Place: The bottom of this kitten scratching pad for floor has anti-slip stoppers, so you won’t have to worry about it shifting while your cat is using it. Your cat will have a solid scratching experience thanks to the anti-slip stoppers at the bottom.
  • Boho-Themed: The cardboard cat scratching pad’s elegant, bohemian design will bring a dash of elegance to your home’s interior design. Additionally, it is distinctive and eye-catching with its wavy design.
  • Perfect Size: The 42 cm long cardboard scratch pad is the ideal size for your cat to scratch, play, and rest peacefully.
  • Simple Cleanup: The cat scratching pad’s base tray gathers all the debris left over after your cat uses it, making cleanup quick and simple. Cat lovers who like to keep their homes neat and tidy will appreciate the base tray’s splash-proof construction and ability to be wiped with wet wipes.
  • Appease Your Cat’s Natural Scratching Habits: The horizontal cat scratching pad for floor gives your cat a dedicated space to scratch, which will lessen cat scratches on your furniture, carpets, and household furnishings. One pack of catnip is also included, which may be used to lure your cat and make scratching even more enjoyable by sprinkling it on the scratching pad.
  • Among the best items to keep your cat content: Because this cardboard scratch pad is made of durable cardboard, your cat will have the most enjoyable scratching experience. Your cat will enjoy playing on the cat scratching mat more due to its wavy form. One of the best tools to keep your cat happy and healthy is this cat scratching mat because it is simple to clean up after. Purchase the Ibiyaya Plateau Cardboard Cat Scratching Pad right away!

Net Weight 0.7kg
Dimensions L53 W38 H8 (cm)

  • Do not store in damp, direct sunlight, rain, etc.
  • The surface can be cleaned with a cloth. The hair can be cleaned with depilatory products.
  • Regularly check the function of the product to avoid friction and collision.

The above is the basic cleaning and maintenance method. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

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